[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Immortal Songs: ‘Immortality’ Top 10 autumn pop songs special edition

‘Immortality’ Top 10 autumn pop songs special edition … Ben, Lee Sejoon etc. participate


(from left, clockwise) Ben, Lee Sejoon, Dreamcatcher, South Club / picture: Star News

KBS 2TV entertainment music program will show a ‘top 10 pop songs’ special for ‘Immortal Songs – sing a legendary song’ (hereafter ‘Immortal Songs’).

According to the broadcast on the 14th of October, the recording on the 15th of October for ‘Immortal Songs’ that will take place in the new KBS Open Hall in Seoul, Yeongdeungpogu, Yeoeuidodong, is planned to be adjusted to a ‘Top 10 pop songs in November first place special’.

‘Top 10 pop songs’, which was broadcasted for 18 years from 1981 to 1998, is ‘Music Bank’s predecessor as KBS 2TV’s representative song ranking program. Autumn songs from November in 1980 to 1990, that had received a lot of love, are expected to be reinterpreted by the voices of popular singers that appear on ‘Immortal Songs’. It is expected to bring back nostalgia for the fans that remember the music of these times.

This time, Lee Sejoon, V.O.S, Ben, MONNI, South Club and Dreamcatcher are planned to appear as contestants in the glass box and compete in good faith on ‘Immortal Songs’. The broadcast is planned for the 27th of October.


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Original Source: StarNews

[TRANS] Hanbok interview: Dreamcatcher “Until now, only 6.7 out of 10 points, potential is higher”

[HANBOK INTERVIEW] Dreamcatcher “Until now, only 6.7 out of 10 points, potential is higher”


photo: Sports Seoul


(Dreamcatcher Jiu’s improvised four syllable acrostic poem with ‘Dreamcatcher’)

I want to give (deuri) / my heart to my loved ones (im), like diamonds glittering with 10 / carat (kae) is Dreamcatcher / please take a look (chyeo) at us.


The music of the group Dreamcatcher (Jiu, Sua, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon) is good to get closer to on Chuseok.

The team name Dreamcatcher’s originates from a native american decorative item, which, while possessing it, has the effect of eliminating nightmares and making one dream good dreams. Chuseok has a meaning that goes perfectly well with that.

The Dreamcatcher members, who released their third mini album ‘Alone In The City’, unfolding their new nightmare story, on the 20th of September at 6pm KST and revealed the title track ‘WHAT’, had time to put on Hanbok and do a Chuseok greeting for the readers of Seoul Sports before their full-scale promotions.

We asked the Dreamcatcher members to assign a score to their promotions from their debut until now. The seven members’ average score was 6.7 points.

The members said: “We still have a long way to go.”, while promising: “Our potential is high”. The following are questions and answers.


Q: Please introduce your third album.


JIU: The nightmare story is continuing, but a different nightmare has started. Previously, we were the reason for [someone] dreaming of nightmares, but this time, the situation changed to us getting nightmares.
The fact that it is a story about a new nightmare, different from the previous one, is exciting.

SUA: First, the background period has changed [compared to] our previous works. If we we explained before why we were dreaming nightmares in and old-fashioned atmosphere, we dealt with stress that you receive in modern times this time. It is a story the listeners can relate to.

GAHYEON: While before, our clothes were adjusted to fit in unity, this time, we keep alive individual characters, each with different clothes and colours.


Q: Please introduce the title track ‘WHAT’


SIYEON: It is a song of the symphonic rock genre that includes shouting and a hook that overflows with addictive qualities and a strong message.

The part where members shout is very impressive, especially Gahyeon and Sua who do it very well


Q: Last year in January, you debuted. Please grade your promotions since then on a scale from 1 to 10.


SIYEON: 3 points. Before our debut [as Dreamcatcher], I thought we were doing well. Now, I also strongly believing that. It still hasn’t met my expectations yet.

YOOHYEON: 1 point. There will be many days I spend with the members in the future. Until the day I die, I want to fill up the remaining 9 points.

JIU: 9 points. Even though we improve day by day, I gave one point less to show ‘instead of showing off, let’s work hard’.

DAMI: 7 points. I’m giving one point for each member, so 7 points is a perfect score. Let’s stack up the remaining 3 points as a team.

HANDONG: 8 points. There is room for more development, we have a lot of potential.

GAHYEON: 9 points. Even though I want to give our teamwork 10 points, we could not yet reach our peak as a team. We have a long way to go.

SUA: 10 points. [Our promotions] have been without a hitch. I want to give 10 points to the fact that we can rely on each other. I want to go on with self-esteem.


photo: Sports Seoul


Q: What is a wish you have for this full moon? What do you wish for your fans?


SIYEON: I want to dilligently practice composing. I want to let our fans hear it as soon as possible. I hope our fans stay the way they are!

YOOHYEON: [I want to] travel somewhere with my mom during this time of rest. If we could go, I would want to travel. I hope our fans will always be healthy.

JIU: I don’t have any wishes. Right now, I am satisfied. I don’t wish for anything lately. I hope our fans, too, can be happy without worries.

DAMI: I wish I could become fluent in a foreign language. To communicate with our foreign fans, I should to be fluent in their languages. I hope our fans are eating and sleeping well. If we start our promotions, they will [probably] not rest, because we need to spend them together.

HANDONG: Personally, I wish I could take the members to my home country, China. To our fans who always do well, I always feel thankful.

GAHYEON: I wish that nobody gets sick, and that you don’t lack anything.

SUA: I think of myself that I am still young, but I wish to grow up. I hope to become a person that will learn a little more. (?) I want to always develop.


Q: What is Dreamcatcher’s full moon wish?


TOGETHER: We want to chart [with our album]. We wish our teams genre fusion of rock and dance will become popular. Since our overseas online streaming results are rising gradually, too, we hope to become a team that goes abroad more. If we went to a variety show, we could probably show funny images of our individual character explanations.


Q: What are your goals and resolutions for the future?


JIU: We will try hard to always show our sharp group dances and powerful performances. We will do our best to achieve our goals without losing our original intentions.


Q: Please make a four syllable acrostic poem with ‘Dreamcatcher’.


SUA: Finally (deu) / loved ones (im), we came back! / Please catch (kae) us, / don’t only look at us (chyeo), come closer!

YOOHYEON: Dreamcatcher (deu) / Loves (im), why are you so cool? / I keep keep (kae/kye) missing you / go to (chyeo) the portal site (?)

SIYEON: deurirong deurirong (deu) [t/n: sound of snoring] / are you sleeping, loved ones? (im) / I came to carry (kae) you, If you don’t get up, / I will attack

JIU: I want to give (deuri) / my heart to my loved ones (im), like diamonds glittering with 10 / carat (kae) is Dreamcatcher / please take a look (chyeo) at us.


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source: Seoul Sports

[TRANS] Happyface Entertainment Ceo Lee interview about Dreamcatcher



Q: I want to hear about the process of Dreamcatcher’s debut.

A: Dreamcatcher members JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon and Dami promoted as the 5-member team MINX before. Gahyeon and Handong had not joined at that time. When we launched MINX, its style was similar to K-POP girl group styles then. The mainstream visual concept was cuteness, liveliness and innocence. There was also a concept of wearing uniforms, so we thought the right concept for MINX would be lively but it was too much of a ‘red ocean’ market then. The competition was too fierce so there was no results. While we did that concept, I could not see the light at all, so I seriously worried for a long time and then I finally decided to change the direction [of MINX]. I figured it was right to do a concept that nobody has done before. A girl group style which our country didn’t have before, it was decided we should do it again with a group concept that is not out before. During MINX’s promotions, all 5 members were receiving praises for ‘doing well’ during the debut promotions and have been friends for a long time ever since they were trainees. As such, I had the confidence that this group of friends were talented and able to do any concept.


Q: What kind of style is Dreamcatcher going for?

A: Dreamcatcher launching point is ‘let’s do what others didn’t do’. To make a distinct change, we added maknae Gahyeon and Chinese member Handong. Firstly, we decided on a dark concept and a non-mainstream music style. We were going for a slightly strong feel in the music, so it is different from girl crush. In terms of the genre, you could call it a pop metal style based on rock music. The main point would be on nightmares.


Q: Can you give a rough estimate of Dreamcatcher’s influence in Japan?

A: Honestly, I think right now it’s not vastly different from K-POP girl groups’ mainstream music. TWICE and Apink both display a cute, lively and innocent concept which I think is mainstream. Through their activities, overseas fans seem to get used to the mainstream music, too, and Dreamcatcher’s music are somewhat non-mainstream in comparison so I think it seems to be more unfamiliar to these overseas fans too. I also think that the Japanese fans have still yet to realise that Dreamcatcher’s music is non-mainstream here. So, we are working hard to promote as to make sure Dreamcatcher’s music style can become mainstream overseas too. Dreamcatcher is preparing to make its official debut in Japan this coming November.


Happyface Entertainment CEO Lee Joowon. photo: reporter Kim Changhyun


Q: I’m curious about the reactions of Dreamcatcher’s other overseas fans outside of Japan, too.

A: There were many successful shows which were already finished in South America and Europe. There are fans from Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Portugal, Spain and more who really like Dreamcatcher’s music, so please do give Dreamcatcher all the support from all over the world and also do cheer a lot for them.


Q: I would like to hear you briefly introduce about Dreamcatcher’s activities this time round.

A: Until the previous album’s title track ‘You and I’, we presented one single fantasy story, with a concept and world view based on having nightmares, while I think I can say that in this time’s album, we escaped from the antique-style nightmare and express stress that we all get behind a modern-style background. It may be filled with some interesting parts.  Through this album, Dreamcatcher has ended one chapter and is also writing a new chapter. My goal is to tell a story that everyone is able to sympathise and relate to. Of course, the characters we had since their debut until now will come out, and we will maintain the story. The music genre of Pop Metal style will remain the same but we picked up a more exciting style. [The music] will be a lot brighter than before, but I don’t think the feel of the music video will become much brighter. Haha.


Q: What kind of girl group do you wish Dreamcatcher would be?

A: Personally speaking… Dreamcatcher does many concerts. So I hope that they grow as a performance-oriented girl group. Speaking of a goal, I hope that they can become a girl group that can hold concerts at concert halls that can accommodate 20,000 people.


Q: Do you still have any promoting idols other than Dreamcatcher?

A: As of now, we are preparing the launch of a new boy group. Woo Jinyoung, who took first place on JTBC’s ‘MIXNINE’, will probably be included [in that group], and they are currently training with the goal of debuting in 2019.


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Source: Starnews

[TRANS] Genie Interview ‘Alone in the City’ Recording, Jacket & ‘What’ MV shooting behind

INTERVIEW Recording, Jacket & MV shooting behind


Q1. Dreamcatcher, you had a comeback after a while, please greet the Genie Music family.

Dreamcatcher: Genie Music family, *kiss* Dream of us! Hello, we are Dreamcatcher, returning with our third mini album and a new nightmare story.


Q2. You mentioned that this third mini album is about a new nightmare story, could you elaborate what kind of concept it is?

Siyeon: If Dreamcatcher’s previous albums were antique nightmare stories, this time we crossed over to modern times and are incorporating a story about ‘stress’, which is one of the reasons for nightmares. We can say that it is a combination between the stress of modern times and  Dreamcatcher’s own nightmare!

Yoohyeon: Yes, and also, while in previous albums, the members themselves were nightmares, we end up suffering from nightmares in this album. Among those, we end up suffering from nightmares related to stress!


Q3. So this album is about stress, one of the reasons for nightmares. How do the Dreamcatcher members relieve stress?

Jiu: For me, I just eat! I eat something delicious [to relieve stress].

Handong: I get rid of [stress] through talking and eating together with friends.

Sua: I am someone who talks a lot. Doing something by myself does not relieve stress well for me. So I am the type to search for a way to relieve it in conversation.

Siyeon: I think I usually get rid of stress by spending some time alone. Very occasionally, when the day is good and I am with people I like, I like to stay on the terrace comfortably and I like to listen to music while driving.

Yoohyeon: For me, I read books like self-help books.

Dami: I write down my thoughts blindly. As if resolving [stress] by talking to another person, I resolve it in my notebook.

Gahyeon: I either just cry, or talk to the members about something funny and play around.


Q4. This album has two versions, a Light and a Shade version. Are there any episodes you remember from shooting each version? (one for Light and one for Shade)

Siyeon: For the light version, we shot it in front of a monitor that was illuminated by a neon sign, but because I could not feel how the lighting would come out, it was difficult. It was probably harder because it was our first time.

Sua: For me, in the shade version, the atmosphere was modern and chic because of the black sand and black jackets, so because I usually like chic and sharp outfits, I shot it while being fascinated by my own appearance.

Dami: For me too, during the Shade version [shoot], when we were shooting a close-up of my hands, it was fun that the staff said ‘As expected of Dami’s hands!!’ and was admiring them.

Yoohyeon: For me, both the Light and the Shade version had a lot of styles that we newly tried. Because it was unique, I remember that I had fun when shooting it!


Q5. Are there any memorable episodes from the album recording?

Jiu: For our title song ’What’, we were singing the ‘What’ in the lyrics all together and my throat hurt more than I expected!!! At that moment, I was thinking of InSomnias, who will do the fan chant [for that part] at music shows. So I worried that they might get a sore throat ..

Yoohyeon: That’s right. For the part that we sang together, we went in to record together, so it was fun. We recorded various versions, and we shouted

Gahyeon, Handong: Right! It was extremely addictive.

Dami: I have the rap part ‘Tikita’ in ‘What’, so I worked hard to give it the feeling of a freshly opened soda can.

Siyeon: For me, in the case of our title song ‘What’, I tried to sing a little harder than usually. It’s because I sing almost the entire chorus and the composers told me I should spit out the lyrics a little more. Thanks to that, a feeling that is a little stronger came to pass, I think.

Sua: To me, it was when we were recording the track ‘Wonderland’ from this album. I usually really enjoy listening to a song from the Hip-Hop/R&B genre, but recording it first hand, it was harder to express than I thought. As much as whispering a little more subdued and riding the beat was not easy, I think I ended up falling more strongly for this song. It is an attractive song.


Q6. Are there any memorable episodes from the music video shooting?

Handong: Me, Sua and Dami put on fox masks and shot a scene together with Gahyeon. [When] Gahyeon met eyes with one of us three, we broke out into laughter. So we were told to not look into each other’s eyes and filmed the scene.

Gahyeon: That’s right, at that time, when I met eyes with my unnies, we all couldn’t stop laughing.

Yoohyeon: I had a part where I had to go to a high rooftop to shoot, I had to climb a ladder to get up, but every time I went up, something made a ‘Bajajak’ sound, a breaking sound..? It was really scary, but I endured it completely, pretending to be chic.

Siyeon: I had a scene where I was bending my neck upwards, surrounded by black umbrella, but to receive the lighting properly, I had to turn my head upwards more than the camera. My trapezius muscle hurt a lot, but it was fun.

Jiu: I had to do the same scene as Siyeon and even though my neck hurt, singing while looking at the sky was fun.


Q7. Does the title song ‘What’ have any point choreography?

Sua: The ‘What’ part, which is the most recurring part among all of our songs and belongs to the hook [is a point] (?). In the intro part, the colorful images that are choreographed with a delay and the movements combined together with the lyrics ‘What’ are a point! Ah! Also, the dance in a part of the chorus, where we present being locked up in the nightmare, unable to move, is also memorable.

Jiu: In Siyeon’s part, when she sings ‘my dream’, our gestures are also a point! These gestures symbolize stars! It represents 7 stars.


Q8. Among the tracks of the album (title included), what is your favorite song and why?

Jiu: Wah, it’s hard to choose… I choose ‘Wonderland’. As soon as I heard it, I just liked it! And also because we had to divide the parts before recording it, we sang them one by one. At that time, I immediately wanted the chorus part and ended up getting it, so I really liked it.

Sua: If that is so, my favorite song is ‘약속해 우리(July 7th)’. As soon as I heard the guide for it, [I was like]: ‘oh, it’s new’ and in the chorus, I ended up getting to sing my favorite part of the chorus, the melody for that part is really my style.

Siyeon: I like ‘약속해 우리(July 7th)’ best, too. It seems like we were able to let you hear a new voice~

Handong: I can’t choose just one song. For me it’s both ‘Wonderland’ and ‘약속해 우리(July 7th)’. The genre for both songs is really my style.

Yoohyeon: For me, it is ‘Wonderland’! I personally like Alice [in Wonderland], and there are parts of the lyrics where the content reminds me of Alice!

Dami: For me, it is the title song ‘What’! Probably because it is the song for which I participated in rap making, so it seems I got more attached to it.

Gahyeon: For me, ‘Wonderland’! It is because [the song] is an existing style that we couldn’t try once before.


Q9. Please say some final words.

Jiu: Genie Music family❤ Dreamcatcher came back again with a strong, new nightmare. ❤ You are going to listen to and love it a lot, right~~?? Please cheer for us a lot.❤

Sua: We are going to cure all your nightmares~!!!!!! Please observe us well in the future, too, and cheer for us a lot!!! Always be healthy, and thank you for everything, we love you❤️

Siyeon: Everyone, you must have received a lot of stress, right? I hope it will all get blown away while listening to ‘What’~ Please scream along at the top of your voice for the ‘What What What What’ part. With your throat, you will get rid of all your stress.

Dreamcatcher: Until now, we have been Dreamcatcher. Thank you.


Original article: Genie Magazine

[TRANS] Dreamcatcher, bewitching the world with their third nightmare… ‘World InSomnia’ shout of joy

Dreamcatcher’s new nightmare is receiving love from both domestic and foreign fans.

According to Happyface Entertainment, Dreamcatcher’s third mini album ‘Alone In The City’, which was released on the 20th of September, was included in the top on Korean record selling sites and took up upper ranks on international iTunes album charts.

Earlier, while Dreamcatcher’s name rose to 4th place on the iTunes world wide album chart, they also entered the global digital artist ranking at 90th place, surpassing famous artists including Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez and Luis Fonsi.

Also, while reaching first place in Panama, which [Dreamcatcher] recently visited, and Europe’s Norway, it is announcing the start of a new nightmare.

Besides Asia of course, the album appeared in the top 20 of the iTunes album charts for 20 countries across all continents, including England, Romania, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Finland etc. in Europe, the US and Canada in North America, and Panama, Brazil and Mexico for Central and South America. Additionally, if the range is extended to the 100th rank, it met fans on the charts in approximately 30 countries, showing off [Dreamcatcher’s] extraordinary presence.

In the case of Korea, ‘Alone In The City’ rose to rank 1 on the Sinnara real time album chart, demonstrating fans’ interest. Also, the title track ‘What’ entered the Bugs real time chart at rank 14 immediately after its reveal, which is the highest recorded rank since [Dreamcatcher’s] debut.

Happyface Entertainment conveyed: “We are deeply thankful that InSomnia’s show a lot of interest in Dreamcatcher. Even in the middle of busy schedules like the world tour or participation in LA KCON in the US, they are supported by your love and were able to gain strength for the comeback preparations. We will keep showing you images that will not disappoint you.”

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher have announced the release of their third mini album ‘Alone In The City’ through their showcase on the 20th of September and started promotions by appearing on Mnet’s MCountdown on the same day. They plan to meet fans on KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ in the afternoon of the 21st, MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on the 22nd and SBS Inkigayo on the 23rd, etc.


original article: 한국경제TV

[TRANS] ‘Music Bank’ 1st place Sunmi and Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon

ARTICLE: ‘Music Bank’ Sunmi, awarded first place.. proof shot of Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon’s handwritten letter “My heart feels kind of heavy”
Pic credit: Sunmi instagram

In the middle of singer Sunmi getting first place on KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’, the proof shot of Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon’s first place congratulation letter is attracting attention.

On the 21st of September, Sunmi posted on her official Instagram: “The letter #Dreamcatcher #Yoohyeon gave me. My heart feels kind of heavy. Yoohyeon-ah, unnie will cheer for you a lot.” together with a picture.

In the uploaded picture, a letter that says “To. Sunmi sunbaenim, the singer that is forever first place in my heart”, revealing Yoohyeon as a hardcore fan and drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Sunmi won first place on ‘Music Bank’ in the afternoon of the 21st of September.

original article: Daily Korea

ARTICLE: ‘Music Bank’ first place Sunmi, a ‘Siren‘ that enchanted Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon, too

Singer Sunmi, who got first place on ‘Music Bank’, shared her thoughts.

In the afternoon of the 21st of September, Sunmi shared her thoughts about ‘Siren’ winning [on Music Bank] through her personal Instagram account, saying “Thank you for my 4th award!”

In the picture that was uploaded with the post, she is meeting the trophy with her lips while showing off a happy image.

Especially, she confirmed the letter she received from her junior, Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon. ‘Sunmi sunbaenim, the singer that is forever first place in my heart’ is written in that letter.

Thereafter, Sunmi expressed her affection: “My heart feels kind of heavy. Yoohyeon-ah, unnie will cheer for you a lot”.

Meanwhile, on that day in the afternoon on KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’, Sunmi surpassed BTS by winning the trophy for first place with ‘Siren’.

original article: MK Sports

Dreamcatcher, returns after South America·US activities “Preparing for new album”

image credit: Ten Asia DB

Group Dreamcatcher has returned to the country from their South America tour and activities in America to prepare for a new album.

According to Happy Face Entertainment, Dreamcatcher will return to Korea in the early morning of the 15th via Incheon International Airport. Having left on the 25th the previous month to South America to tour 5 cities as well as opening for KCON in Los Angeles, they have returned after 20 days.  

Their South America tour this time was realized through MyMusicTaste at the fan’s invitation. For their last stop at Panama City, Dreamcatcher’s performance was even attended by the Portuguese Ambassador.

After the tour, Dreamcatcher left for America to attend KCON. They performed ‘You & I’, ‘Goodnight’ and more for their live stages and of course participated in activities such as fansigning, beauty booth, dance workshop and others.

According to a fan who came from Chicago (Alex Muncy), “I have fallen for Dreamcatcher’s unique aura and explosive energy. Being able to meet them like this in front of my eyes, I honestly still cannot believe it” and added ‘I will anticipate the day where there will be a tour scheduled for American Insomnias (Dreamcatcher’s fanclub)’.

Dreamcatcher, who returned to the country, will take a short break and will meet the fans with a new album of nightmare.

According to Happy Face Entertainment, “Through this tour, Dreamcatcher has once again experienced the love from North and South America fans. To meet everyone’s concern sent to us, we will increasingly do our best. Please anticipate a lot for a new Dreamcatcher’s story”.


original article: ten asia

From Argentina to Panama … Dreamcatcher’s ‘World Tour’, ‘Seven Nightmares’ captivating Latin America

‘Seven nightmares’ Dreamcatcher passionately heated up Latin America.

On the 6th of August (Korean Time), Dreamcatcher visited Panama City, Panama, and held their second world tour concert ‘WELCOME TO THE DREAMWORLD in LATIN AMERICA’ while creating special memories with local fans.

Dreamcatcher departed for their tour through five South American countries on the 31st of July. They started in Buenos Aires (Argentina), sequentially [visited] Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru), and Bogota (Colombia), and lowered the curtain on the Latin America tour by successfully wrapping up the concert in Panama City (Panama).

The relationship between Dreamcatcher and their Latin American fans is very deep. Last year, Dreamcatcher toured four cities in Brazil at the time of their first world tour ‘Fly High’, recording a complete sellout on the tickets. This year, the tour through five countries also got started by the request of Latin American fans though MyMusicTaste.

For Dreamcatcher’s Latin American fans, being able to see the organic plot of the ‘Nightmare’ fantasy story performances makes it even more fun. While presenting their stages, from each of their singles and the albums’ side tracks to unit performances and covers that heated up social media, they showed off their various charms.

Dreamcatcher’s meeting with Latin American fans did not end [there]. Of course, the Dreamcatcher members had time to talk with their fans during spare moments of the concerts, and they figured out various events to complete precious memories together with their fans from the other side of the globe.

In particular, at the last concert of the tour in Panama City, Park Sanghoon, the ambassador for Panama, was on the scene, together of course with Portugal’s ambassador Pedro Pessoa E Costa, and gave an idea of Dreamcatcher and the status of K-POP.

Dreamcatcher expressed their feelings after finishing their tour though the five countries: ‘We were extremely touched by the fact that there are fans even on the other side of the globe that love Dreamcatcher’s music and passionately cheer for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will become Dreamcatcher who return the love you gave with a better image. While looking forward to meeting you all again as soon as possible, we once more want to express our thanks to everyone who was together with us.’

While they finished their concerts in South America for their second world tour ‘WELCOME TO THE DREAMWORLD’, Dreamcatcher will travel to Los Angeles in the US, and is scheduled to attend ‘KCON 2018 in LA’, which is held at the Staples Center on the 11th and 12th of August, as a special artist.


original article: 한국경제TV Naver

[TRANS] Close-up: The future of K-Pop

Korean youths who sing well, dance well and even look outstanding, are captivating the world. The real power of K-Pop lies in the fact that there are not just one or two of these “Idols”. While taking up the first place on the “Billboard 200” Chart, as reported in May, BTS verified the strength of K-Pop and besides them, numerous K-Pop stars are currently controlling the worldwide music market. We introduce KARD, Dreamcatcher and Astro, who are remarkable among them.

(from left to right) Siyeon, Gahyeon, Sua, Yoohyeon, Jiu, Handong, Dami.

Group Dreamcatcher, who debuted in 2017 with a “rock-metal female Idol group” concept. Among the 14000 or more comments that were left online on their first single album’s title song “Chase Me” right after release, 95% were left by overseas fans. Now, the love of their overseas fans is still strong.

Dreamcatcher has held individual concerts in 7 European cities, including London (England) and Lisbon (Portugal) this February and met with fans in Taiwan, Japan and other Asian countries, too.

(from left to right) Dreamcatcher Gahyeon, Dami, Yoohyeon, Handong, Siyeon, Sua, Jiu.

Dreamcatcher during their four city tour in Brazil.

Dreamcatcher also held concerts in front of local fans in Paris, France and other European cities.


original article: Naver News

[TRANS] Oh! Japan: Dreamcatcher, proper Japan debut coming this fall “Beautiful time”

image credit: OSEN

Girl group Dreamcatcher will properly debut in Japan this fall.
Japanese media [like] Sankei Sports and others reported on the 15th [of July]: “Seven member girl group Dreamcatcher, who held a concert in Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo on the 14th, have revealed their Japan debut this fall”.

Following the report, it was decided that Dreamcatcher would debut in fall under the record company Pony Canyon. Leader Jiu expressed her thoughts: “We will make it a time that is as beautiful as flowers”.

Dreamcatcher performed 15 songs, including “Lucky Strike”, which was the representative song, at that day’s concert.

Dreamcatcher debuted in September of 2014 as the girl group Minx, changed their name to “Dreamcatcher” in November 2016 and kept their stagnant promotions alive.

original article: OSEN