[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Immortal Songs: ‘Immortality’ Top 10 autumn pop songs special edition

‘Immortality’ Top 10 autumn pop songs special edition … Ben, Lee Sejoon etc. participate


(from left, clockwise) Ben, Lee Sejoon, Dreamcatcher, South Club / picture: Star News

KBS 2TV entertainment music program will show a ‘top 10 pop songs’ special for ‘Immortal Songs – sing a legendary song’ (hereafter ‘Immortal Songs’).

According to the broadcast on the 14th of October, the recording on the 15th of October for ‘Immortal Songs’ that will take place in the new KBS Open Hall in Seoul, Yeongdeungpogu, Yeoeuidodong, is planned to be adjusted to a ‘Top 10 pop songs in November first place special’.

‘Top 10 pop songs’, which was broadcasted for 18 years from 1981 to 1998, is ‘Music Bank’s predecessor as KBS 2TV’s representative song ranking program. Autumn songs from November in 1980 to 1990, that had received a lot of love, are expected to be reinterpreted by the voices of popular singers that appear on ‘Immortal Songs’. It is expected to bring back nostalgia for the fans that remember the music of these times.

This time, Lee Sejoon, V.O.S, Ben, MONNI, South Club and Dreamcatcher are planned to appear as contestants in the glass box and compete in good faith on ‘Immortal Songs’. The broadcast is planned for the 27th of October.


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Original Source: StarNews

Dreamcatcher Official Japanese Debut Announcement

Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) Official Japanese Debut Announcement


K-POP Girl Group Dreamcatcher which has been attracting attention worldwide with its metal rock sound and overwhelming performance, will make its official debut in Japan on the 21st of November (Wednesday) with ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘. In addition, local events have been decided to celebrate this.

Dreamcatcher debuted in January 2017 with a ‘Nightmare’ concept with rock sound, and created a unique position within K-POP, portraying dynamic performances and a unique world view. And with each single and mini album, they have expanded their boundaries and imprinted their presence all over the world. Dreamcatcher’s ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘ is the Japanese version of the title song from their 3rd mini album「Alone in The City」which was released in Korea in September this year, its music video has surpassed 1.3 million views on YouTube, and it is receiving a heated response. Also, the Japanese version of their Korean debut single ‘Chase Me’ and an original Japanese song ‘I Miss You’ will be included in the regular edition. In addition to the special DVD, the first limited edition A includes the music video of ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘ and precious making videos of the jacket photoshoot & music video shoot. The first limited edition B contains a variety of contents such as「”WELCOME TO THE DREAM WORLD” WORLD TOUR “TOKYO”」digest video at Akasaka BLITZ, when its debut in Japan was announced back in July this year.

In particular, local visits to celebrate their Japanese debut will be held in Tokyo and Osaka in late October.


■■ Dreamcatcher/Japan Debut Single「What-Japanese ver.-」

■■ Release Date:21st November 2018 (Wednesday)

■■ Contents

■ First Limited Edition A [CD+DVD]:¥1,800[tax in]/PCCA.04726
[CD]M1.What-Japanese Ver.-/M2.Chase Me-Japanese ver.-
[DVD]What-Japanese Ver.- Music Video/What-Japanese ver.-Making Video

■ First Limited Edition B [CD+DVD]:¥2,300[tax in]/PCCA.04727
[CD]M1.What -Japanese ver.-/M2.Chase Me -Japanese ver.-

M1.YOU AND I/M2.FLY HIGH/M3.Which a Star/M4.Chase Me/M5.Good Night/M6.Full Moon

■ Regular Edition [CD only]:¥1,200[tax in]/PCCA.04728
[CD] M1.What-Japanese ver.-/M2.Chase Me-Japanese ver.-/M3.I Miss You
[Benefits(※Limited Production) ] 1 Trading card(8 kinds total)

■■ Korean 3rd Mini Album「Alone in The City」Release Celebration Event

・23 October(Tuesday)Tokyo

・24 October(Wednesday)Chiba

・25 October(Thursday)Tokyo

・27 October(Saturday)Tokyo

・28 October(Sunday)Osaka


※There will be a separate announcement later on the sale of goods and event details.

source: official fancafe announcement

[TRANS] ‘Music Bank’ 1st place Sunmi and Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon

ARTICLE: ‘Music Bank’ Sunmi, awarded first place.. proof shot of Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon’s handwritten letter “My heart feels kind of heavy”
Pic credit: Sunmi instagram

In the middle of singer Sunmi getting first place on KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’, the proof shot of Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon’s first place congratulation letter is attracting attention.

On the 21st of September, Sunmi posted on her official Instagram: “The letter #Dreamcatcher #Yoohyeon gave me. My heart feels kind of heavy. Yoohyeon-ah, unnie will cheer for you a lot.” together with a picture.

In the uploaded picture, a letter that says “To. Sunmi sunbaenim, the singer that is forever first place in my heart”, revealing Yoohyeon as a hardcore fan and drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Sunmi won first place on ‘Music Bank’ in the afternoon of the 21st of September.

original article: Daily Korea

ARTICLE: ‘Music Bank’ first place Sunmi, a ‘Siren‘ that enchanted Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon, too

Singer Sunmi, who got first place on ‘Music Bank’, shared her thoughts.

In the afternoon of the 21st of September, Sunmi shared her thoughts about ‘Siren’ winning [on Music Bank] through her personal Instagram account, saying “Thank you for my 4th award!”

In the picture that was uploaded with the post, she is meeting the trophy with her lips while showing off a happy image.

Especially, she confirmed the letter she received from her junior, Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon. ‘Sunmi sunbaenim, the singer that is forever first place in my heart’ is written in that letter.

Thereafter, Sunmi expressed her affection: “My heart feels kind of heavy. Yoohyeon-ah, unnie will cheer for you a lot”.

Meanwhile, on that day in the afternoon on KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’, Sunmi surpassed BTS by winning the trophy for first place with ‘Siren’.

original article: MK Sports

Dreamcatcher, returns after South America·US activities “Preparing for new album”

image credit: Ten Asia DB

Group Dreamcatcher has returned to the country from their South America tour and activities in America to prepare for a new album.

According to Happy Face Entertainment, Dreamcatcher will return to Korea in the early morning of the 15th via Incheon International Airport. Having left on the 25th the previous month to South America to tour 5 cities as well as opening for KCON in Los Angeles, they have returned after 20 days.  

Their South America tour this time was realized through MyMusicTaste at the fan’s invitation. For their last stop at Panama City, Dreamcatcher’s performance was even attended by the Portuguese Ambassador.

After the tour, Dreamcatcher left for America to attend KCON. They performed ‘You & I’, ‘Goodnight’ and more for their live stages and of course participated in activities such as fansigning, beauty booth, dance workshop and others.

According to a fan who came from Chicago (Alex Muncy), “I have fallen for Dreamcatcher’s unique aura and explosive energy. Being able to meet them like this in front of my eyes, I honestly still cannot believe it” and added ‘I will anticipate the day where there will be a tour scheduled for American Insomnias (Dreamcatcher’s fanclub)’.

Dreamcatcher, who returned to the country, will take a short break and will meet the fans with a new album of nightmare.

According to Happy Face Entertainment, “Through this tour, Dreamcatcher has once again experienced the love from North and South America fans. To meet everyone’s concern sent to us, we will increasingly do our best. Please anticipate a lot for a new Dreamcatcher’s story”.


original article: ten asia

[TRANS] Oh! Japan: Dreamcatcher, proper Japan debut coming this fall “Beautiful time”

image credit: OSEN

Girl group Dreamcatcher will properly debut in Japan this fall.
Japanese media [like] Sankei Sports and others reported on the 15th [of July]: “Seven member girl group Dreamcatcher, who held a concert in Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo on the 14th, have revealed their Japan debut this fall”.

Following the report, it was decided that Dreamcatcher would debut in fall under the record company Pony Canyon. Leader Jiu expressed her thoughts: “We will make it a time that is as beautiful as flowers”.

Dreamcatcher performed 15 songs, including “Lucky Strike”, which was the representative song, at that day’s concert.

Dreamcatcher debuted in September of 2014 as the girl group Minx, changed their name to “Dreamcatcher” in November 2016 and kept their stagnant promotions alive.

original article: OSEN

[TRANS] Dreamcatcher, Worldtour Taiwan Concert ‘Successfully finished’

Image Credit: HappyFace Entertainment

Group Dreamcatcher held their Worldtour “Welcome to the Dreamworld (WELCOME TO THE DREAM WORLD IN TAIPEI)” and communicated with fans yesterday evening (21th of June) in legacy (?) Taipei.

Dreamcatcher, who opened the door with the answer to “How the girls became nightmares”, explained in their first mini album “Prequel”’s title song “Fly High”, followed up with “Chase Me”, “GOOD NIGHT”, “YOU AND I” etc. For their various stages, they received cheers from the local fans.

Dreamcatcher prepared the song ‘五月天’ (Mayday) by S.H.E, which is famous in Taiwan, for their Taiwanese fans. Their singing with sweet voice colors attracted applause and cheering.

Dreamcatcher, who finished their concert, said “We could create special memories [together], thank you for that. We won’t be able to forget the love and emotions we received today and will continue to give our best in the future”.

Apart from Taiwan, Dreamcatcher is planning to open tour concerts in Japan as well as 5 south american countries.

Original Article: Naver

Dreamcatcher – Honourary Ambassador of Gangwon Province for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games

Girl Group Dreamcatcher sends their messages of support to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

Dreamcatcher posted a video cheering for the success of the Olympic Games through their official SNS on 8 February. “The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games will finally be starting! As the Ambassador of Public Relations for Gangwon Province, Dreamcatcher will be actively supporting the success of the event! Please also pay close attention to the Paralympic Games that will follow.”

Dreamcatcher’s supporting image is especially special during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. In addition to their ‘Fly High’ World Tour, they were appointed Honourary Ambassadors of Public Relations for Gangwon Province; they were leading the way to informing and educating the world about Korea, Gangwon Province and 2018 Winter Olympic Games host city Pyeongchang.

Dreamcatcher said, “We will support all of the people in a heartfelt way so that our Korean athletes, who had to overcome hardships during tough training will achieve a good results safely and without injury.”

In particular, Dreamcatcher’s Chinese member Handong also sent cheer messages to the athletes to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games through Weibo.

At the same time, Dreamcatcher will be touring 7 countries in Europe in the middle of this month, and will subsequently meet with fans with a new album that will link the ‘Nightmare’ concepts.

Original Source: NAVER WowTV

Dreamcatcher was appointed Honourary Ambassador of Gangwon Province, which will be hosting the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, in May 2017. They will be promoting the Olympic Games in Europe, as part of their ‘Fly High’ World Tour in seven countries across Europe. Read more here.

View their support video here.