How to vote for Idol Champ Chart


DAY Chart:
Superiority benefit: 1st place is reflected in accumulated ranking

MONTH Chart:
Superiority benefit: Spot video with the first place idol that will be broadcasted on TV (30 sec) + Entry to the CHAMP page

1. Open the idol champ app. On the homepage, select 'most cherished idol'

2. Click to select your most cherished idol

3. Scroll to find dreamcatcher, select and confirm

4. Click the heart. Dreamcatcher has been added as your idol

5. Go back to home and click to see the idol champ chart

6. Find dreamcatcher and click the heart next to their name

7. Choose the amount of hearts you want to give and confirm

8. You will get an idol champ chart 'certificate' that shows the hearts you donated

9. To get more hearts, choose 'free charging station"

10. Watching a video will give you a heart. You will also get 20 hearts every day you log in.

if you have any questions feel free to contact us on twitter or tumblr!