11 Oct 2022 “The Second Beginning of the World of Apocalypse, Dreamcatcher’s [Apocalypse: Follow us]”

Returning 6 months after MAISON and [Apocalypse: Save us] of April 2022, Dreamcatcher continues the story of their 2nd studio album with their 7th mini album, signalling a second beginning for the Apocalypse series. Previously, Dreamcatcher screamed “Save us, Save earth’, for the sake of the burning planet. They forshadowed a coming conflict, fighting against the major culprits destroying Earth. However, unlike what Dreamcatcher intended the conflict only accelerates the pain of the planet, prompting them to set forth a more peaceful solution.

A iron resolution that we should go together towards a shared path. Typhoons, watching us with gleaming eyes, the burning lands, the moon that threaten to swallow us with swelling waters. We are heading towards the end, as natural disasters reach new heights every year. We who hope for peace now stand in unison. Between the despair that keeps raining down and crushed hopes, the 7 members set their face towards the hope that shines through faintly. And we all stand behind them. Dreamcatcher offers a heartfelt declaration, persuasion, and a determined VISION to revive the planet of life.

The title track of the 7th mini album, VISION, signifies the future we face. Like the studio album that came before it, the song contains Dreamcatcher’s beliefs. The song builds upon a base of Dark Techno and adds richness with elements of Electronic sound. Kim Jun-won, member of the electronica band Glen Check, contributed to the song, giving it a quality finish. They also paid attention to the lyrics and performance. The B-sides ‘Fairytale’, ‘Some Love’, and ‘Rainy Day’ brings out the diverse musicality of the group.

Source: melon

Transl by 7-dreamers HojuneTL
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