14 Dec 2022 MyDaily ‘Dreamcatcher To Take Long Vacation of One Month… “We’ll be back after recharging ourselves”‘

[MyDaily = Reporter Oh Yoon-joo]

The group Dreamcatcher is taking their end-of-year vacation.

According to a statement released on the 14th by Dreamcatcher Company, the team’s agency, Dreamcatcher is planning to take a month-long vacation now that all official schedules of the year are over.

Dreamcatcher promoted relentlessly this year, and are hoping to take some time to recharge themselves with this vacation. The team’s only non-Korean member, Handong, is planning to spend the new years with her family in China.

This April, Dreamcatcher took home their first win in 1924 days since their debut with “MAISON”, the title song of their 2nd studio album which opened the Apocalypse series. In October, they released their 7th mini album “Apocalypse: Save Us”, promoting an environmental message and furthering their position as K-Pop messengers.

Their career high was mirrored overseas as well. Their North American tour, coming 3 years after their previous one, reported a ticket sales rate of 92% across 8 US cities and Mexico City. Their tour of 5 European countries including Germany, the Netherlands and Poland boasted larger venues than their previous tour there, proving their growing standing.

In addition, in November, all members of Dreamcatcher decided to renew their contracts even before the expiration of their previous ones with Dreamcatcher Comapny. This news came as a most welcome gift to InSomnias all over the world. The group plans to continue their activities to repay the love shown by the fans.

After their end-of-year vacation, Dreamcatcher is set to continue diverse activities in many facets.

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