Dreamcatcher’s 6th Anniversary, the “Reason” They Can Go Forward, “InSomnias”

13 January 2023

Dreamcatcher to release special single “Reason” today, 13th of January

The group Dreamcatcher is starting 2023 holding the fans’ hands firmly. On 6PM of the 13th, Dreamcatcher’s special single “REASON” will be released.

Dreamcatcher’s “Reason” is a song for the fans who stuck by Dreamcatcher through thick and thin ever since their debut. The song’s lyrics contain the sincere message that the fans’ deep and large affection for them becomes the goal and the courage for Dreamcatcher. The team’s agency, Dreamcatcher Company stated that “Reason” is based on the team’s signature intense rock sounds and is notable for its structure that anyone can sing along to.

Now celebrating the 6th anniversary of their debut, Dreamcatcher stated “In every moment, InSomnias always gave us so much strength, and that strength allowed us to smile more as Dreamcatcher. The energy that lets Dreamcatcher grow is also from the fans, so we’re incredibly grateful,” through their agency.

They added “we’re excited because this is the first fan song we’ve released in a while. We hope our message, that the ‘Reason’ we can go forward with strength is the InSomnias, gets across. We also hope that we can give lots of people strength too, and that we can continue to make great moments together.”

Dreamcatcher signaled the start of their 6th anniversary celebrations on the 8th, with the free release of their cinematic music VR concert lasting a week. They also demonstrated their love for their fans with the announcement of “REASON”. A 6th anniversary livestream is also scheduled on 6:30 PM of the release day of “REASON”.

Dreamcatcher is a team that had its share of difficulties. The team has its roots in Minx, a girl group that debuted in 2014. Minx had a color that was the polar opposite of Dreamcatcher’s. With a mischievous concept, they emphasized a cute charm. The team was comprised of JiU, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon and Dami. Handong and Gahyeon would later join them for the redebut of Dreamcatcher, which happened on January 13th, 2017.

With their strong themes and world-building, Dreamcatcher initially garnered more attention overseas than in the country. However, their 2nd studio album, released in April of last year, gave Dreamcatcher a firm domestic basis. The title track of the song, ‘MAISON’, netted the team their first music show win, coming 1924 days after their debut. Their 7th mini album “Apocalypse: Follow Us”, released in October of the same year, was also received positively.

A world tour also took place that year. In June, they became the first KPop group to be invited to the major music festival “Primavera Sound” of Barcelona. At the festival, rock fans even did the “SLAM” to their songs.

Source: Newsis & MyDaily

Translated by 7Dreamers HojuneTL. Please don’t take without credit.

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