Sign Up

1- Go to and select MCOUNTDOWN

2- Click Join, you will get a pop-up asking you to login, click OK

3- Click Sign Up

4- Agree to the required terms

5- Fill in with your email and password, which requires letters, numbers and special characters, and click ‘Send code’. You will receive a code to complete the sign up process in your email. Make sure to check your email.

You will get a notification telling you to check your email, click OK.

6- Once you’ve put the code in the right box you’ll be able to click Sign up and finish the process!

7- Upon completion you’ll get a pop-up welcoming you to the community, you can now click on Join to join the community and update your profile

8- After choosing a nickname and changing your profile picture, you can click ‘Go Go’ to officially join the community. That’s it!