Fan Letter & Support Fancafe Notice

this is Dreamcatcher’s fanclub representative.

Thank you InSomnias for your love and interests,
We would like to inform you about the support notice, so please check the following details below.


  • Address: (06097) 서울특별시 강남구 선릉로 112길 8
    (Postal code : 06097) 8, Seolleung-ro 112-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Addressee: 드림캐쳐 000
    Dreamcatcher 000 (Name of Member)


  • Fan letters can be sent at any time, but payment on delivery is not allowed. (Those with Payment on delivery will be sent back).
  • Please write the name of the member who the letter/gift is meant for on the envelope or box correctly.
  • Fan letters as well as gifts are not accepted on public holidays and weekends. On weekdays they can be accepted before 7pm.
  • Letters/gifts with payment on delivery and EMS where custom charges are incurred will not be accepted, they will be returned or disposed of.
  • Gifts sent during official events (birthday, debut anniversary etc.) by courier/delivery services will need an e-mail in accordance with the support form. We are not responsible for the gifts and support which are sent without prior application and consultation.
  • Delivering fan letters and gifts to the members directly during commuting is not allowed, please pass them to the on-site staff.
  • All fan letters and gifts will be delivered to the members safely.
  • Only support that has been discussed in advance can be delivered to the company directly.


  • Full size banners, big dolls, placards, flowers (bouquet, vase, flower basket, etc.)
  • Birthday and Anniversary wreaths are not allowed (There is no space available to be placed in the company)
  • Lunch box or food support during non-anniversary day and non-promotion duration is not allowed.

(*Visiting the company during a non-anniversary day is not allowed. Please contact us when a visit is necessary)


  • Schedules where support is accepted: music broadcasts, radio shows, concerts, official events (birthday, debut anniversary etc.)
  • Schedules where support is unacceptable: unofficial schedules, festivals, etc (separate information will be provided for inquiries via e-mail)

*Due to Covid-19, support for music broadcasts is not available for the time bein

Please send an e-mail ( according to the form below.


EMAIL SUBJECT: [Dreamcatcher Support] Date of Support /Name of Representative/ Name of official event or schedule
Ex) [Dreamcatcher Support] YYMMDD/XXXXXX/000 Birthday Support or MCountdown Lunchbox Support


  • Date/time of delivery
  • Name/phone number of representative:
  • Name of member receiving the support:
  • Delivery method: On-site/To the company directly or quick delivery, parcel service
  • Support articles : (Do not fill in ‘kind of, others, etc’ , please specify in detail.)


  • Please contact us at least three days in advance before the scheduled day. (for custom in-ear support, you can apply in advance regardless of the application period.)
  • If you send support as a team, only one representative should communicate with the person in-charge.
  • Items that are not mentioned in the support form may be difficult to deliver
  • When delivering support, separate certification cannot be requested from the on-site staff.
  • Birthday and Anniversary wreaths are not allowed (There is no space available to be placed in the company)
  • For food support, only one team can send in support per schedule.
    (However, in the case of a long-running schedule, additional support is possible)
  • For food support, please be careful not to spoil the food.
  • As containers are difficult to return, please use disposable containers.
  • For support endeavors under the artist’s name*, even if the artist isn’t participating, please contact and notify us. (*Volunteering, donations, advertisements, etc.)

We ask for InSomnias’ cooperation.
Thank you.

Source: Original fancafe post (180403 version + update 190320 + update 210419 + update 210705)

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3 months ago

is this address correct? cause when i go to the source it shows two addesses. One of them is the address here and the other is an address that shows Happyface Entertainment when you check google maps.

Road name Address: 8, Seolleung-ro 112-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Dream Catcher Company

Land number address: Dream Catcher Company, 37-5 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 

Postal code: 06097

37-5, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea