Dreamcatcher comeback: First look into new parallel worlds series

22 November 2023

Dreamcatcher to have Comeback Today (22nd)… Offers First Look into New Parallel Worlds Series ‘VillainS’

Dreamcatcher is scheduled to have their comeback today (22-Nov), signaling the start of the new Parallel Worlds series.

Dreamcatcher (JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon) will release their 9th mini album, ‘VillainS’ at 6PM, November 22nd and start promoting. The title song ‘OOTD’ stands for ‘Outfit Of The Day’. The group acts out a confidence that reaches into the realm of narcissism. Dreamcatcher plans to perfectly transform into villains, reinforcing the group’ identity as they meet their fans.

Dreamcatcher’s broad musical spectrum is also put on display, from ‘Intro: This is my Fashion’ to the iron resolve felt in ‘Rising’, the thirst for freedom shown in the lyrics of ‘Shatter’, to the message of hope in ‘We Are Young’.

Dreamcatcher has teased yet another legendary concept, with a type of charm that the group had not shown off previous to this comeback. With the group displaying conceptual visuals with the two teaser images, anticipation is running high with diverse content releases such as the highlight medley and a dance preview that makes one curious about the full performance.

# The dawn of a new worldview… The parallel world series begins.

Dreamcatcher will turn the first page of the two-part parallel world series ‘VersuS’ with their 9th mini album. This worldview tells the story about how to move towards goals and different ways to respond to temptation.

Since debut, Dreamcatcher has made a mark on K-pop fans by consistently continuing series with solid and unprecedented storylines such as ‘Nightmare’, ‘Dystopia’, and ‘Apocalypse’, drawing attention to what message they will convey through their new worldview.

7 People 7 Colors Transforming into Villains ‘The Best Concept’

Dreamcatcher shows off their ‘strongest concept’ qualities without hesitation through ‘VillainS’, which depicts the story of a villain. They plan to transform into seven villains who reveal their twisted desire to obtain by any means the crown that has the power to mesmerize people, giving listeners an irresistible temptation.

# ‘Dreamcatcher’s identity’ will be presented with ‘OOTD’

The comeback title ‘OOTD’ is an abbreviation for ‘Outfit Of The Day’. It is a song that expresses the Villain’s firm beliefs, confidence, and greed. Dreamcatcher plans to show off their unique colors.

Dreamcatcher’s ‘VillainS’, which returns with the story of a villain, will be released at 6 PM on the 22nd.

Source: 스포츠경향 & Ten Asia

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