Dreamcatcher 8th Mini Album ‘Apocalypse: From us’ Description

Dreamcatcher is saying ‘farewell’ to listeners with title track ‘BON VOYAGE’. Last year, MAISON and VISION had messages warning about the crisis of the Earth. Through the new release, Dreamcatcher will show the unraveling of human emotions. The finale to the Apocalypse universe will brilliantly finish; ‘From Us’, ‘To. You’.

20 May 2023

Dreamcatcher is saying farewell to listeners with title track BON VOYAGE

This past 15th, Dreamcatcher’s 8th mini album ‘Apocalypse: From us’ track list was released through official SNS channels. According to the released track list, the album’s title song ‘BON VOYAGE’ means farewell in French; ‘have a great trip’, ‘have a good long journey’. The mini album also includes ‘Intro: From us’, ‘DEMIAN’, ‘Propose’, and ‘To. You’, a total of 5 tracks. Dreamcatcher will be closing out the Apocalypse trilogy series, and as the global KPOP messengers, InSomnia around the world are looking forward to the content of their farewell.

On the 17th through their official SNS channels, Dreamcatcher revealed their mystery lyrics video spoiler for their title track BON VOYAGE. In the video, Dreamcatcher is enjoying the natural sunshine and wind with fresh trees and thick forest in the background. The 7 people’s smiles mixed with the gorgeous atmosphere makes us feel good. This of course stimulates our curiosity about BON VOYAGE. It’s dreamy, and the melody build up on BON VOYAGE has fans guessing what these veiled words from the lyrics could mean.

‘I finally feel you now / in this endless journey / Embracing you into ○○ of dreams’

‘BONVOYAGE’ Mystery Lyrics Spoiler

In addition, as producer Ollounder who has collaborated with Dreamcatcher for a long time is a support for the song recordings, we can again expect a strong rock sound structure, highly anticipating the group’s colors to be shown.

Dreamcatcher’s 8th mini album will be the finale to their universe. Last year’s title song MAISON and VISION had messages about dangers to the Earth. Through this new release Dreamcatcher will show the unraveling of human emotions; incorporating joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure, ending the trilogy of Apocalypse. The finale to this universe will be brilliantly finished with ‘BON VOYAGE’, ‘Intro: From us’, ‘DEMIAN’, ‘Propose’, ‘To. You’, a total of 5 tracks.

Currently through Dreamcatcher’s diverse promotions, their comeback heat is continuing. Starting from the member’s individual teasers to the special group teasers that we can feel their team chemistry, they show off their ability to pull off infinite concepts. Just as the attention of global KPOP fans is gathered, we’re heading towards Dreamcatcher’s upcoming comeback, and the hot curiosity continues.

Through unique concepts, Dreamcatcher’s comeback ‘Apocalypse : From us’ will be released this 24th at 6pm on various online music streaming sites.

Source: Naver News 스포츠경향 and 한국경제TV

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