19 July 2022 Korea Daily ‘Girl Group “Dreamcatcher” Holds Fansign, LA Korean Cultural Center Produces Promotional Video’

The LA Korean Cultural Center (Led by Jeong Sang-won) held a fansign for the popular girl group “Dreamcatcher” on the 15th.

This fansign was intended to provide K-Pop idol stars and fans a chance to meet each other in celebration of Dreamcatcher’s 2022 US Tour, giving K-Pop fans and stars a place to communicate and connecting the local K-Pop fandom.

Dreamcatcher is a 7-member girl group that debuted in 2017. The team is on a US tour that started in New York late last month and continuing in Pennsylvania, Louisville, Chicago, Mineapolis, Denver, San Francisco, LA and Mexico City with a total of 9 stops.

The LA Korean Cultural Center plans to produce and actively promote a promotional video for the center itself where Dreamcatcher takes a look of the exhibits in the 1st floor and introduces viewers to Korean culture.

The video is to be released on the center’s social media accounts on the 27th. A signed Dreamcatcher album giveaway is planned for the release.

Source: koreadaily
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