How to stream and make a playlist on MELON

last update: 07-Apr-2022

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International fans can make an account on MelOn, but streaming/downloading requires verification with a korean phone number. You can purchase/rent melon accounts and passes from shops.

Download the app apk for android (link) or go to

  1. Click the menu upper right corner

2. click login & select your login option

3. Login with your melon ID or kkt account

4. To see the amount of streams left, click settings

5. click ‘my info’

6. click ‘melon purchase info’

7. if you get this popup, click cancel

8. click on your active pass

9. you can see the remaining streams and time of your pass


  • If you have limited streams (ex. 100), we recommend streaming manually (searching for the song to play) once per hour only! Melon will only count 1 listen from a unique account per hour towards the chart.
  • If you have unlimited streams, you can make a playlist & put it on repeat (you can edit & make a new playlist to avoid bot behaviour). The song can play more than once per hour, it won’t count towards the chart update, but it will still be added to the total play count!
  1. click the search icon

2. search for 드림캐쳐 & click on their name

3. like the page, select ‘song’ or ‘album’ and scroll down

4. to play a song, click on the icon. To add a song to a playlist, click the song & add

5. select ‘add to playlist’

6. to see your playlist, click the icon

7. to remove a song or change order, click ‘edit’

8. you can select multiple songs to delete from the playlist

9. click a song to play – play until the end! You can like the song & change the quality if you like

That’s all you need to do to stream! If you have limited streams, please only play 1/hour!

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