STARPASS – How to Vote for Inkigayo

last updated: 16-Jul-2021


Download the StarPass (스타패스) app:

If the app is not available on the play store, you can download an APK here.
Always make sure you have the latest version downloaded.

You can login to StarPass with the following accounts:

  • google
  • kakaotalk
  • wechat
  • passikey



Star Jelly points are paid points that can be used without an expiration date.

You can charge Star Jellys in ‘Point Charge’ (upper right icon) by making payments using google play/app store.

Star Jellys can be used by converting them to Heart Jellys as needed (1 ☆ Star Jelly = 2 ♡ Heart Jellys). Once exchanged, it cannot be converted back to Star Jellys.


Heart Jellys are used to vote in Star Ranking (personal/battle/various).

Heart Jellys expire every 16th of the month at 4am KST!

You can earn Heart Jellys by:

  1. subscription: 100 Heart Jelly (1 time only)
  2. new posts in contents tab:
    • photo: 20 Heart Jelly for each post (up to 2 times a day)
    • video: 20 Heart Jelly for the video post (only 1 time a day)
      *daily heart jelly earned from uploading posts resents at 00:00KST
  3. rewards from voting on posts
    • if you vote on the post of others, the author and you each get 10% of Heart Jelly that you voted.
      *Only applicable if you vote over 100 Heart Jelly. Any amount of rewards which is less than 10 units will be cut. ex: vote 100 Heart Jelly = Get 10 Heart Jelly back
      **there is no limit on voting on posts
  4. Bonus Heart Jelly Point awarded when you purchase Star Jellys
  5. Completing Missions (Buzzvil or Tayjoy)


Live vote time: Sunday, during Inkigayo broadcast

Voting method: 100 heart jelly = 1 vote

limited live voting: max 5 votes per account (500 heart jelly)