How to download a gifted song on Melon

Last updated: 07-Apr-2022

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At the moment, international fans can make free accounts on Melon. However to be able to have full use of the Melon service, the account needs to be verified with a korean phone number. Without verification, accounts can still like an artist/songs and receive download gifts.

Downloaded songs count a lot towards the Melon chart, and although an account without a korean number verifying it can’t buy a streaming pass or buy songs, it can still receive it as a gift from a verified account.

apk for android:

How to download a gifted song

When you receive the song, you should get a notification which will direct you to the download page

If you don’t, here’s how to do it:

Open melon and click on the 3 lines on the top

Click on My 마이뮤직

Then click on 선물

And finally click on 전체 다운로드 to download it

How to verify you downloaded it

Go back to ‘your page’

Click on 저장한 콘텐츠 and then 곡

if the song appears under 최근 저장순, the download was successful