How to download a song on BUGS

last update: 07-Apr-2022

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In this guide:

  • Download settings
  • How to download a song/album on BUGS (android app + desktop)

*note: if you are on iOS you may need to download on desktop (as there is not download button on the app)!


(note: the layout might look different if you have another version of BUGS)

  1. go to the ‘my info’ tab by clicking the gear icon

2. go to ‘settings’ (설정)

3. to choose download file name and location, click on ‘save and download’ (저장 및 다운로드)

4. you can choose the file name as well as where you want the file to be saved on your device

5. back in settings, click on ‘sound quality and sound effects’ (음질 및 음향 효과)

6. here you can choose the download quality/file type (mp3, AAC)

Once your settings are the way you want them to be, you’re ready to download songs!


*Note: the below example is for 1 individual song download. Please see pictures at the bottom of this page for an example of album download

**Note: the download will save the song to your device and not on the BUGS app – this means you can only play the song from your device & not BUGS. If you have a streaming pass, you can play the songs/album on BUGS, there is no need to delete the downloaded songs.


  1. go to the search icon at the bottom and type in ‘드림캐쳐’. Press enter to go to the artist page

2. look for the song or album you want to download and press the 3 dots next to it

3. click on ‘save/download’ (저장/다운로드)

4. click the ‘download’ (다운로드) option

5. confirm the song you’d like to download and click ‘purchase’ (구매) at the bottom

6. your download will start & it will show where the song will be saved on your device

7. after your download is complete, you will get a confirmation. To see your downloaded songs, click on ‘go to my music’

8. click on ‘purchased music’ to see the songs you downloaded (‘my music’ tab can also be accessed from the bottom icon)

9. Your downloaded songs will be listed here

(if you are participating in a 7DREAMERS project, please screenshot this last page)


1 – go to and login

2 – search for dreamcatcher’s latest title track Odd Eye 드림캐쳐

3 – click on the download icon, and choose ‘download’ (다운로드)

4 – a new window will open with the song information. Check how many downloads you have, and that 1 song will be deducted. Click ‘purchase’

5 – you will receive confirmation that payment is complete. Click 다운로드 below to complete your download


you can also download multiple songs at once if you choose to download an album. The steps are the same, only if you have less downloads available than songs in the album you will have to choose which to download!

You have now downloaded a song/album and are helping with Dreamcatcher’s digital numbers!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!