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Caption: The unique K-Pop girl group burdened with the ‘Nightmare’ debuts in Japan




The unique K-Pop girl group burdened with the ‘Nightmare’ debuts in Japan

Dreamcatcher, a Korean 7-member girl group, is set to release ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘ on November 21st through Pony Canyon. Dreamcatcher debuted on January of last year, and has been promoting while presenting ‘nightmare’ as their concept and adopting a heavy rock style as their characteristic. Music Natalie interviewed the 7 members, and asked them about the lead track of their single, which is the Japanese version of ‘What’, the lead track of their 3rd mini album, ‘Alone in The City’. We also asked them about the characteristics of the group as well as the personality of each member. There is a relationship chart of the members inside the article.


Interview, text: Onoda Masaru Photography: Tsukahara Takaaki Interpretation: Hwang Ja-seon


A group that emphasizes the coolness and strength of women

—First, could you explain Dreamcatcher’s concept, and what the group’s characteristics are?

Siyeon: I think a distinct trait that no other K-Pop group shares is how we set forth Heavy Metal sounds prominently.

JiU: The music videos are also uniquely made, and include storytelling elements.



Siyeon: The music videos for every song we’ve released so far are connected.

Sua: The theme of the overall story is “nightmare”, and the story continues to unfold little by little.


—What kind of story has been unfolded up till now?

JiU: Girls who were living in a peaceful world exterminate a spider, making the spider god angry. In the story, the girls are cursed and are burdened with Nightmares.

Gahyeon: Have you heard of the talisman called dreamcatcher?


—It’s the one with the feathers hanging from a ring.

Gahyeon: That’s right! Dreamcatchers are talismans made by Native Americans to chase out nightmares.  It’s said that the spider god gave it to a boy who saved a spider. But us members who killed the spider, on the other hand, were cursed with the nightmares.


—It’s filled with fantasy elements.

Dami: It is. It’s a very sad fantasy.

Yoohyeon: Among the numerous girl groups with shiny concepts in K-Pop, I think we are unique in that we emphasize the strong and cool side of women.


—The ‘Nightmare’ concept is definitely an unusual one in the K-Pop scene. What did you think when you were first told of this concept?

Sua:  It was a genre without a precedent, so I was worried, thinking ‘Can we do this well?’ But once we actually started promoting, we were able to absorb it more smoothly than I thought.


—By the way, were there times where you went ‘This is a nightmare!’ during everyday life?

Siyeon: When I couldn’t find my passport at the airport was a real nightmare…

JiU: That was flustering. We  said ‘first, let’s search for it together’, but Sua had Siyeon’s passport for some reason.

Sua: I couldn’t understand it myself. It was like, ‘Why do I have this?’ It’s the biggest mystery in Dreamcatcher history. (Laugh)

Gahyeon: Though it’s cliched, it was when I lost my cell phone. It’d be bad if my phone got lost or broken, so I always keep it in a sturdy case.


The Leader loves dad jokes

—From here on out, I want to hear more about the personality of each member. Can each member be introduced by the other 6 members? Let’s start with the leader, JiU.

Yoohyeon: JiU is a model leader for the group. You could say that she presses the places that need to be pressed. She cares takes care of each member mentally as well. She is always carefully watching what state the other 6 members are in.

Handong: I also think that she’s a very positive person. When such a person stands in the front, it encourages the whole group.

Sua: Though she likes dad jokes a lot. (Laugh)

Siyeon: Every joke she tells is old. She only tells jokes that were popular a long time ago. They’re not upgraded to newer versions at all. (Laugh)

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

I’m interested in studying how to look sexy.  (Laugh) -JiU


—(Laugh) Let’s keep going like this. Next, Sua.

JiU: Sua is fun to be around! Unlike me, her jokes aren’t outdated either. (Laugh)

Dami: She’s also mischievous. For example, there are times where she’ll point at nothing and shout ‘ah!’ I wish she’d stop doing that. (Laugh)

Gahyeon: Dance, vocals, rap… Sua has great performance skills all round. She’s good at everything, and is charismatic, too.

Siyeon: To give you some information that even the fans don’t know, her hands and feet are tiny! They’re like a baby’s. (Laugh) What was your shoe size again?

Sua: 22cm! They’re not baby sized. They’re about the size of an elementary schooler’s at most. (Laugh)


The first member that fans think of, Siyeon

—Moving on, please introduce Siyeon.

Gahyeon: I often ask Siyeon for advice about vocals. She always tries to give me all the knowledge she has. She’s very kind and I rely on her.

Yoohyeon: When you talk to someone who knows Dreamcatcher, Siyeon would probably be the first member they think of. It feels like she fits our concept that well. She’s also the main vocal.

Handong: She takes impeccable care of herself. In both regulating her diet and maintaining her figure, she’s really perfect!

Sua: Siyeon has a definite style of her own. She selects clothes that suit her well as her everyday wear as well.


Caption: What she’s interested in these days

I search for songs that fit autumn well, and relax while listening to them.


Dami: Yeah. She usually likes to wear Hip-hop style clothes.

JiU: You know how when you describe someone’s face, you use expressions like ‘dog-like’ face, ‘cat-like’ face? Like that, I think Siyeon’s face could be called ‘wolf-like’, or ‘coyote-like’. She gives off a chic, cool impression but actually likes to joke around and laughs a lot too.


Off stage, Handong is a complete angel

—Handong is the only Chinese member.

Handong: Yes.

Siyeon: Handong truly is an angelic being. Even though Dreamcatcher is a group with the ‘nightmare’ concept, Handong is a complete angel off stage. (Laugh)

Sua: What I find amazing about her is how considerate she is. It’s to the point where I think ‘Could anyone be more considerate?’ She is a person that keeps everyone in mind. On top of that, she’s friendly and fun to be with!

Siyeon: To sum up Handong’s presence on stage in one sentence, she’s elegant! She moves like how water flows.

Gahyeon: She is graceful. Such elegance.


—Next up is Yoohyeon.

Dami: Yoohyeon is a practice-aholic. She takes lessons very diligently, so I always think that I need to learn that from her. Another thing that I’m envious about Yoohyeon is that she doesn’t gain weight despite eating! It’s unfair. (Laugh)

Siyeon: First off, Yoohyeon is nice! Since she compliments my straight long hair and tells me that it’s pretty. (Laugh)

JiU: I think it’s charming how though she seems innocent, she displays sexy expressions from time to time.

Sua: She also watches Youtube often, so she’s very aware of recent trends. Performance-wise, she gets what she’s learnt done accurately.  She’s fundamentally diligent.

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

I like window shopping. I also often shop online. -Yoohyeon


Of self-proclaimed lovely personality, Gahyeon

—Next up, what kind of member is Dami?

Yoohyeon: Dami is almost like a chameleon. Dreamcatcher has songs in many different musical styles. But regardless of which track it is, she seems to blend into the music and makes it her own.

Sua: We often learn from how Dami performs on stage.

Siyeon: About her personality, first and foremost, Dami is kind. She’s someone who takes care of people!

Handong: She’s not the type that talks a lot, but is the member that does what she needs to do quietly. She’s trusted by everyone.


—Lastly, the Maknae, Gahyeon.

Siyeon: First off, Gahyeon is filled with aegyo! She seems to give off aegyo without effort in everyday life. (laugh)

Dami: Being the maknae, she often acts all child-like to others. She is the one with the self-proclaimed lovely personality after all. (Laugh)

Gahyeon: Saying it’s self-proclaimed…That’s harsh. (Laugh)

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

As the maknae of the group, I’ve been interested in looking for places where I can spend a relaxing time with the other members.  –Gahyeon


Yoohyeon: But she listens carefully to what other members have to say.

Sua: Not only is Gahyeon friendly, she’s also smart. I’ve heard that she even got first place in the entire school on a test once.

Gahyeon: Uhuhu… I’m most confident in Math.


Dreamcatcher member relationship chart


The emotions contained in each word of the lyrics are real

—On November 21st, your Japanese debut single ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘ is to be released. The lead track of the single is going to be the Japanese version of ‘What’, the lead track from your 3rd Korean mini album, ‘Alone in The City’. What are the points of note within the track?

Yoohyeon: First, vocal-wise, I think you can enjoy the distinct voices of all seven of us.

Sua: This was the first time we recorded in Japanese. We tried our best, but there may be places where the pronunciation and such don’t sound quite right. Still, the emotions contained in each word of the lyrics are real, so I’d like everyone to feel those emotions.


—Was the recording challenging?

JiU: Yes. It was challenging as expected. It took longer to record than the Korean version.

Siyeon: Unlike in dialogue, there are accents and tempos in a song. I found that pretty difficult. ‘Sing this part in a weak accent’, and other nuances like that were challenging to express. Still, it makes me very happy to think that the Japanese version of our song may be put in karaokes.


—Have you ever felt any differences between Japanese and Korean fans?

Dami: Korean fans seem to feel uneasy if they don’t get everything recorded. So, when we are on stage, they all turn their smartphones towards us. Japanese fans, on the other hand, don’t begin filming until they are told that ‘photography is allowed.’

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

I recently got a new phone, so it’s been fun searching for cute cases and decorating it. –Dami


—Korea definitely has a well-developed fancam culture.

Gahyeon: What surprised me when I saw our Japanese fans was how all of our guests sincerely listened to our song. I felt that they didn’t just want to shout out, ‘wah-!’, and that sincerely listening to music was firmly established as a culture.

Sua: They definitely have different styles for cheering for us, but I think Korean and Japanese fans are identical in that they passionately love Dreamcatcher.


Sua loves sunagimo

—Does everyone have Japanese artists they like?

Sua: For me, it’s Arashi.

Sua: ONE OK ROCK for me! They also utilize hard rock sounds like Dreamcatcher.

Yoohyeon: Though she’s not an artist, I’ve come to like the actress Komatsu Nana while watching movies.


—I see. There are a lot of K-Pop artists who say they look forward to the food the most when they come to Japan. Is Dreamcatcher similar?

JiU: I’m the same. The best is definitely Sushi!

Yoohyeon: Wagyu(Black cow beef) is also the best!

Sua: For me, it’s sunagimo (Chicken gizzard)!


—Sunagimo?! Where did you eat it?

Sua: I wanted to try it even before coming to Japan, but there really wasn’t a chance to try it. But yesterday, I came across it in a convenience store! Even the sunagimo from a convenience store felt amazingly delicious. I thought, ‘it really is different in Japan’. (Laugh)


—There are a lot of Japanese-style Izakayas in Seoul as well these days.

Sua: That’s true, but the Japanese-style Izakayas in Seoul don’t serve Sunagimo for some reason.

Handong: Then how did you come to know sunagimo’s existence?

Sua: My dad cooked it for me once. He bought raw chicken gizzard and cooked it at home. I also helped him with the preparations. There are sunagimo dishes in Korea as well, but they seem to be cooked differently.

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

These days, I’ve been really into searching for places that I want to travel to. –SuA


Handong: Since coming to Japan, I was moved by how delicious Gomadare (Sesame sauce) was!


—Do you mean the Gomadare salad dressing?

Handong: No, the sauce that you dip shabu-shabu in. I went to eat shabu-shabu with our staff and members, and it was so good that I ended up getting the Gomadare refilled 5 times. (Laugh)

Siyeon: I’ve always liked Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg rolls). Korean egg rolls have a lot of vegetables in them and are inflated softly. But the Japanese egg rolls are sweet and are delicious in a different way. They are the best! I love both of them.


There is nobody better than her in cooking ‘Ichiran’ instant ramen

—The seven of you are living in the same dormitory. Do you cook for yourselves?

Sua: We do cook various things, but the food that we get to cook overwhelmingly often is Ramen. Yoohyeon in especially great at it. There’s probably nobody better than her in cooking ‘Ichiran’ instant ramen!

Yoohyeon: We buy ‘Ichiran’ instant ramen in bulk in Japan, and eat them little by little in Korea. The important point is putting the powder soup base in before the water begins to boil. The taste definitely gets a lot better if you do.

Dami: Other than ramen, we’ve also made Vietnamese Spring rolls often.


—Has Hadong ever treated everyone to Chinese food?

Gahyeon: I don’t think she’s done that. She has cooked some herself and eaten it on her own, though. (Laugh)

Handong: I like hot pots. I put plenty of spices in my hot pots, but there are members that can’t eat spicy foods. So I use a small pot that take single helpings to cook hot pot and eat it alone.

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

I’ve been focusing on skin care. Off days are especially important. I need to let my skin properly rest…


Sua: I haven’t cooked sunagimo, as you’d expect. (Laugh) But I have cooked abalone at our dorm.

—Abalone is a luxury ingredient in Japan.

Sua: Actually, my aunt is an abalone trader. (Laugh) But the kitchen is difficult to use in our current dormitory, so I can’t do serious cooking. That’s bothersome.


We want to appeal to the Japanese audience with a strong heart

—You’ve visited Japan a few times now. Has your Japanese improved?

Siyeon: No, not yet. But I did memorize ‘ukeru (受ける: receive, accept)’ recently. Sadly, it’s still difficult to accept our leader’s dad jokes. (Laugh)

JiU: I’ve memorized ‘kidoku suru- (Already read)’. This Japanese word got memorized naturally while using KakaoTalk.

Sua: I first heard of the gag ‘Hyokkori han’ in Japan.


—Hyokkori han isn’t really a gag. It’s the name of a Japanese comedian. (Laugh)

Handong: The Japanese I memorized is ‘tokimeku (ときめく: for the heart to throb)’.


—Oh, finally, a word that befits an idol. What recently made your heart throb, Handong?

Handong: These days, every day makes my heart throb, since we’re meeting Japanese fans…

JiU: A perfect answer. (Laugh)


—Right now, You are visiting many different parts of Japan for promotions. Is there a place that you’d like a visit? (The interview was held in mid-October)

Yoohyeon: Disneyland!

Gahyeon: Hot springs! I want to visit hot springs in Hokkaido.

Handong: Universal Studio Japan! It’s in Osaka.

Siyeon: I want to go shopping in WEGO~

JiU: Okinawa is also great. The sea is pretty. Since we’re debuting in Japan, I want to visit many different places!


—Lastly, please tell us about your attitude towards your Japanese debut.

JiU: In order to promote properly in Japan, for now, we’re just going to do our absolute best. We’re going to come together and appeal to Japanese audiences with a strong heart!

Siyeon: It’d be great if we could hear our songs being played while walking around shopping in the streets of Japan. We’ll study hard and work hard to make that happen.

Dami: We’ve just come from Korea, so our pronunciation and word selection may seem off to Japanese audiences. But it’s a first new step for us Dreamcatcher, so please watch over us kindly!

Original article: https://natalie.mu/music/pp/dreamcatcher/page/1

Dreamcatcher challenged themselves to acting scared in their second Japanese single’s MV! The scariest horror work was “I watched anime and…”

Dreamcatcher challenged themselves to acting scared in their second Japanese single’s MV!  The scariest horror work was “I watched anime and…”

The 7-member kpop girls group Dreamcatcher who combines a nightmare concept with their heavy rock sound light up the world with the release of their second Japanese single「PIRI~笛を吹け~ -Japanese ver.-」on March 13th.  Kstyle decided to sit down with them at a release event after their arrival in Japan. Here is the Japanese version of that sit-down at that time where they talked about such things their upcoming Asian tour stops in Japan in May and their state of mind going into that.

【Present】Dreamcatcher handwritten signed polaroids will be given to two people! Follow on twitter & tweet at us.

Dreamcatcher shared roaring laughter when they showed talent in the flute playing corner!? The special talk event on Line Live was live broadcast.


What were your thoughts the first time you heard Piri?

JiU: When I first heard the line 피리를 불어라 (blow the flute) I thought “huh? Blowing a flute suddenly?” lol.  But the more I heard it, I realized “We are blowing the flute to signal that this is a sound that can only come from Dreamcatcher” and thought “this song has a special meaning for sure.”


How was it making the Japanese version?

Dami: Personally speaking, the rap was very hard.  It took a long time before my mouth got used to moving my mouth that way.  However, with monitoring the trouble parts I managed to finish it nicely and ended up satisfied with it.

Gahyeon: When I first heard it, I thought the pronunciation was different and worried if I could do it well.  However, the result ended up bringing out a different charm for the whole song.


With Piri we again get to see the Dreamcatcher-esque cool dance again.  What part of the choreography made you think “That’s cool!”?

Gahyeon: SuA’s part where she makes the v-shape in front of herself is very cool I think  [t/n: she is referring to the start of the chorus I think]

All: Yeah, yeah.  That is cool [general agreement].



Please tell us a secret story from the day you filmed the MV.

Dami: There was a scene where all the members needed to match Yoohyeon’s height.  We got inspiration from a variety of things to grow like standing on our tiptoes or finding a stool in order to match her height.

Siyeon: I had a scene where I had to sit under a ladder and, it wasn’t scary but, the angle where I sat just kind of hurt my butt (lol).  But I had to pretend it didn’t hurt.


Who do you think is the member who acted scared the best?

Siyeon: Everyone did a really good job but SuA had a part where she had to scream.  I think if you watch the music video, you can find that part (lol).


What was the scariest scene?

Yoohyeon: The doll scene maybe?

SuA: It was kind of scary because the director bent the necks of the dolls.

What if you went to Wonderland? “To Kyoto”


Piri’s release on the 4th Korean mini-album The End of Nightmare marks the end of the nightmare series Dreamcatcher has been drawing.  How do you feel about this conclusion?

JiU: I think if you watch the MV you will catch on to the fact that we thought we were escaping the nightmare but in the end, could not, so it is a repeating story.  So the nightmare story has ended but the nightmare itself will not end.


There is a scene where all the members stood in a line and held hands while dressed in all white.  What meaning do you think that scene has?

Siyeon: I think it is that we are all one.

Dami: I think it is that while we were all scared (lol) we are still united as one.



The coupling songs for 「PIRI~笛を吹け~ -Japanese ver.-」included the Japanese versions of your popular songs 「GOOD NIGHT」and「Wonderland」

Sua: Because the rap portion was lower than the Korean version of「GOOD NIGHT」at the time of recording, it made a really cool tone when combined with the Japanese lyrics.  It better conveyed the tough feeling I think.

Yoohyeon: I think the Japanese version of 「Wonderland」also grabbed hold of the atmosphere well to convey the feelings.


In the MVs for 「GOOD NIGHT」and「Chase Me」the actor Jo Dong Hyuk appeared.  Do you have any stories or episodes from filming with him?

Sua: He is very gentle and matched with us extremely well.  It was the first time for us to act but he tried to make it so we didn’t feel that pressure.

JiU: This is the first time we have been asked about him, do you (the reporter) happen to be a big fan of him (lol)?


If you were all to go to a wonder land, what kind of land would it be?

JiU: I would want to go to the Black Hall.  I wonder what it would be like inside.

Sua:  I would like to shrink myself like Ant Man can from the Avengers so I can visit the quantum world.

Yoohyeon: Because I really like Peter Pan, I would want to go to Neverland.

Handong: I really think Alice in Wonderland has some really romantic scenes so I would want to go to that world.

Gahyeon: I’ve never thought of this before.  I would just want to live in a world where I would be able to live in ease (lol).

JiU: Just an ordinary house (lol)!!

Yoohyeon: How realistic (lol).

Dami: I want to go to the Arctic and Antarctic.  Before the ice melts.

Yoohyeon: Ah, I wanna see a penguin!!

Siyeon: I want to go to Kyoto (lol). It isn’t a wonder land but I want to experience that scenery for myself just once.

New thoughts from the release event “What video game character would you be?”


What was it like seeing the special comment video you made for the release event for 「PIRI~笛を吹け~ -Japanese ver.-」?

Siyeon: It was embarrassing.  We were saying “Good night” in front of all the fans for that filming so it felt like I was becoming a character from a video game.

Gahyeon: At first it felt kind of awkward and embarrassing but because the fans were happy, I feel glad we did this.  And there were quite a few patterns for this phrase so it was fun.


It seems like there were four of those patterns.  What was popular?

Sua: I think the phrase “I like you”.

Dami: “Good night”

Siyeon: I get the phrase “I want to see you soon” requested a lot.

JiU: The last one was “Thank you always”.



The B-version of 「PIRI~笛を吹け~ -Japanese ver.-」includes footage from your debut event at LaQua last year on a special DVD.  What are some memories that left a heavy impression from that time?

JiU: I think what left the deepest impression was how, even though it was really cold outside, our InSomnia would wait for us even outside or at outdoors venues.

I saw Japanese InSomnia writing on SNS things like “Dreamcatcher give a lot to their fans” and “treasuring fans”.

Siyeon: Is that true?  That makes me happy~. I have a really bad memory but I am trying to memorize who each and every fan is.  I like to be able to call them by name so I say “thank you” for each and everything they do so it makes them happy.  We truly are grateful.

Dami: I heard about that during promotions and was really happy.  It is a way for us to see the faces we don’t get to see and makes me feel “Ah, we aren’t going to be forgotten about, huh” and it moves me.  It also makes me realize how I need to keep putting in effort to keep up with the new fans that are joining us.

Dami, you seem to have a lot of female fans.  What kinds of conversations do you have with them?

Dami: There are a few things you can say all the women say.  “(in Japanese) Dami-chan, you are so cool~” or while taking a two-shot picture saying “hug me please” and I’ll hug them.  That feeling happens a lot.

Handong:  Meeting the Japanese fans is really a time of healing.  Even in very stressful times, it just helps me blow off my emotions.  I am very grateful.

When I was a kid I watched this anime and it was scary for me.


Until now, you have worked on this nightmare concept while filming your MVs.  What is the scariest horror movie/film you have watched?

Yoohyeon: When I was a kid, I watched the Japanese film “One Missed Call 2” and, maybe because I was still a child, it was so scary I have never been able to forget it.

Sua: For me it would be the movie Ju-on.  Just thinking about it scares me. Things that are actually realistic are less scary than things that are faultily realistic because it leaves things to your imagination and becomes scary.

JiU: For me, the Korean movie The Wailing was really scary.  The Japanese actor Kunimura Shun is in it.

Siyeon: As a demon~.

All: (Roaring laughter)

Handong:  When I was a kid I watched the anime “Detective Conan” and it was scary for me.

Gahyeon: Detective Conan was scary?

JiU: There certainly were scary parts.

Handong:  The scariest scene was when Conan looked through a keyhole and there was an eye looking back!! (Episode titled The Mystery of Bludcraven Manor)

Siyeon: Do you know Pingu?  Pingu is also scary. The toad that would come out to play with Pingu during the dream sequences. (This is a Swedish-British claymation series from the 1990’s known for traumatizing children with accidentally really creepy content) you can keep this note or not.

JiU:  Certainly.  I was scared of Sailor Moon.  I was scared of the dark and she would fight at night, you see.

Dami: The Priests.  When someone is possessed by an evil spirit and suddenly moves is scary.

Gahyeon: I probably shouldn’t have watched it but I also think that The Priests is scary.


The Japanese fans kindness is “piping hot”


Soon you are starting your Asia Tour that includes Japan.  What are you looking forward to about this tour?

JiU: I am really looking forward to the reactions to our new songs and the new units we are going to show everyone.

Sua: It is our first time touring in Asia so I am really looking forward to communicating with our Asian fans.  I’m wondering what the actual language is like in these countries.


Last year, your tour focused in South America.

Yoohyeon: Yeah, we spent a lot of time in an airplane which is what I remember (lol).  20 hours!!


How do you spend your time when it is that long?

Gahyeon: A neck pillow and comfortable pants are indispensable.

Handong: It is rest time and snack time!!

JiU: It is the chance to download and catch up on the music and movies you haven’t had time to experience.

Gahyeon: And lastly, the most important part is not sleeping the night before.

Sua:  That’s right.  Preparing for the jetlag (lol).

Do you have free time?

JiU: When we do, it is only one day so we spend it at the hotel’s pool or going to a nearby supermarket.

――2017* 年は欧米ツアーをしましたが、いかがでしたか?

In 2017, you did your Europe and North America tour.  How was that?

JiU: The towns felt like walking in a fairy-tale.  The venues where we performed were also of the Renaissance vibe that matched the atmosphere of the whole town.  That left a strong impression on me.

(*it is dated 2017 on the article but the correct date should be 2018)

How were the fan reactions?

Handong: Both the European, North American, and South Americans were all piping hot.  They even prepared events for us.

Siyeon: piping hot (lol).


How are the Japanese fans?

JiU: Their kindness is hot.

Siyeon (in Japanese): Their kindness is piping hot.

Dami: I am shy to say this but it was actually very hot.

Handong: They moved me emotionally.



Changing the conversation completely, Handong is known for sneezing whenever she eats chocolate.  What weird reactions do you all have like that? (format of “when I have/do _____, ______ always happens”.) I feel like I worded this part weirdly so feel free to edit

Yoohyeon: When I listen to music, my fingertips naturally start moving like I am playing the piano.

Gahyeon: Do you have absolute pitch (lol)?

Yoohyeon: Not exactly (lol), I just kind of start moving.  It’s kinda strange.

Siyeon: I have one!  When I am in the car and see a person crossing the street in the pedestrian crossing area, I say something like “tuuni” to match that person.  I do this kind of thing when I am zoned out just staring out the window (lol). I’m honestly not super sure if this is right but it was hard for me to understand what she was saying here so -shrug-

All: What (lol)

Gahyeon:  I have a similar thing.  When I look out the window at the outside and see trees growing side by side, I wink as we get between the trees.

JiU: Until I finished elementary school, I had a thing with crosswalks where I would only step on the white parts.  After that, I decided to step on the red or wear something red on an important day.

Gahyeon:  In that case, since your hair is red, it must be an important day (lol).


Now a question for each member individually!

From here on we are going to ask questions to individual members.  JiU is beautiful on the outside but opposing that is her skill with dad jokes.  Can you give us one for the Japanese fans please?

JiU: “You bought a new t-shirt today?  What kind of t-shirt? A Cu-T(shirt) pret-T(shirt) one!  

All: …… (bitter smile)


Sua is good at caligraphy.  How did that come to be?

Sua: My grandmother is a very talented artist and is an art professor at a university.  So I learned it from her when I was in middle school. Things like drawing and doing calligraphy is very stress-canceling so when I have the time to do it, I am drawing.  I want to be able to gift my calligraphy to the fans one day.


Siyeon is a fan of the band ONE OK ROCK.  How did that come to be?

Siyeon: When I joined a music site, one of their songs was recommended and I checked it.  The singer’s voice was so good that I had to listen to other songs. They are also really great live.  My favorite song is Nobody’s Home.

Handong is good at singing songs from musical theater.  What is your favorite song from your favorite show? What is a musical you would like to be in one day?

Handong: I like the song Memory from the show Cats best.  A show I would like to see is Mama Mia. The songs are good and the story is good, I would like to play Sophie one day.


Yoohyeon, you like video games so please tell us; what is the charm of video games?

Yoohyeon: More than the greed to win or anything like that, I just like the feeling of living in that fantasy world while I play these games.  That’s why I play a lot of simulation games. I haven’t had a lot of time recently so I haven’t played a lot though.


Between you and Siyeon who also like video games, who is more skilled?

Yoohyeon:  We go to internet cafes together however we do not play games together.  The genres we like are too different (lol). Siyeon like RP games while I like peg solitaire or avatar simulation games.


Dami, what has the reaction been from the fans to seeing you cut your hair shorter and becoming even more beautiful and princely?

Dami: I was really worried about it at first but the fans all told me that it suits me and so I was able to erase my worries.  Currently, I am liking short hair more than having long hair.


Gahyeon, you challenged yourself to rap this time.  Please tell us your feelings regarding that

Gahyeon: I was really worried about it and nervous at first but after doing it, the fans reacted nicely and that helped me become more confident with it.  With the feeling that people were starting to like it, I worked my hardest. Dami also gave me a lot of advice.


Finally, please give the readers a message.

JiU:  Being able to make such happy memories with everyone when we came back to Japan makes me feel warm inside.  Thank you, as always! Ah! Also on 5/2 in Tokyo and 5/4 in Kobe we are having our concerts so definitely please come!!


original source: news.kstyle

please do not take translation without credit

[TRANS] K-POP GIRL’s Dreamcatcher Interview, Discography

K-POP GIRL’s Dreamcatcher Interview, Discography

Our concept is “Nightmare.” At first, it was so terrifying that I screamed. Kya!

Dreamcatcher (commonly called Deukae) is a 7-member Korean girl group that made its debut in January of 2017. Their arrival was an impactful one. Though there are countless girl groups in Korea, they generally fall into a few categories: the innocent type, the sexy type, or the so-called girl crush type. However, Dreamcatcher put forth ‘Nightmare’ as their concept, refusing to fall into any of these categories.

The music video for their debut title, Chase Me, is horror themed, and features the ghosts of 7 beautiful girls that appear in an old hotel. Everything about the dance track, laced with a strong rock beat, from its heavy metal style guitar sounds, sinister pianos, to its emotional vocals, was fresh and shocking. Even in their music show appearances, Dreamcatcher kept their performances cold and threatening.

Even so, I didn’t fall for Dreamcatcher on first sight. It was at K-CON (a convention that showcases Korean culture, with a focus on K-Pop), held in Bakuhari on May 2017, that I fell for their charm. It was Dreamcatcher’s first time in Japan, and before the main stage, they performed on the convention stage for about 30 minutes. In addition to Chase Me and Good Night, the girls also sang ballads. Their ability to express – their near-perfect group dances, as well their vocal mastery—had done me in.

Not only that, the girls, so cold and threatening on stage, were unbelievably cheerful and friendly off stage. This gap is also charming. It’s better if you just see them in real life. You have to see them in real life.

Dreamcatcher is made up of 7 members, starting with the Leader, JiU, there’s SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon and the Chinese member Handong. They have diligently built their career in Korea, being nominated as a candidate for first place on music shows with YOU AND I (May, 2018) and again with What (September, 2018). Between 2017 and 2018, they toured in Europe and Latin America. Dreamcatcher is a rising star, with a growing popularity overseas.

In that period, after meticulous preparations, they finally made their debut in Japan on November 2018. We interviewed the girls during their stay in Japan at that time.

images that feel like being in nightmares 
Yoohyeon, seated closest, was whispering things into the microphone of the recorder. As such, the interview started with her que.

YH: Interview Start!

-First, can you introduce yourselves as a group?
ALL: (In Japanese) One, two, Hello! We are Dreamcatcher!

-Great! Could you also introduce yourselves individually?
YH: I am the Lead vocal and the puppy of Dreamcatcher, Yoohyeon.
DM: I’m the rapper of the group, Dami.
HD: I’m the cat of Dreamcatcher, Handong. I’m a vocal.
JU: I am the Leader of the group, JiU.
SA: I am the main dancer of Dreamcatcher, Kim SuA!
GH: I am the lovely Maknae of Dreamcatcher, Gahyeon.
SY: I am Dreamcatcher’s main vocal, Siyeon.

-I noticed you were all trying to pronounce Dreamcatcher in the Japanese way (Kyatcha-).
JU: Thank you! (laugh)
YH: That’s a relief.

-This is our first interview, so let’s start with the basics. First, what is Dreamcatcher’s concept?
ALL: Nightmare!

-So what does that mean? (laugh)
JU: On stage, our performances are somewhat dark and very charismatic. We show everyone images that feel like being in nightmares. That’s our concept.

-When you first heard of this concept, how did you feel about it?
SA: At first, I wasn’t sure how to embody the concept. I couldn’t get a feeling for it.
YH: I thought that we’d be doing a bright concept for sure, so I was surprised that it was so dark. I thought it would be somewhat difficult.

-However, it is a concept that is uniquely yours.
SY: Exactly. I think we present a team colour that no other group shares.
JU: At first, it was so terrifying that I screamed. Kya! (laugh)

-Your debut was amazing, with the lead single being Chase Me. How did the guests and listeners respond to the song?
JU: We were worried, but the response was more positive than we thought. We were told that the choreography felt fresh, that the song felt new. The part where we grab our hair during the dance was also well received.

-The music video also felt new and different. Chase Me and GOOD NIGHT seemed to be connected. Were they filmed at around the same time?
ALL: They were filmed separately.
SY: When the promotion for ‘Chase Me’ was almost over, we filmed the GOOD NIGHT music video.

-Were they filmed at the same location?
YH: No. They were filmed on different sets.

-Ah, I see.
JU: The director (Digipendi) was the same person.

-In the music video, Jo Donghyeok, the actor who starred in dramas such as “Bad Guys” makes an appearance. Within the video, what is his relationship with Dreamcatcher?
SA: He is the ‘Nightmare Hunter,’ who tries to catch us.
JU: So you could say that Mr. Donghyeok is our enemy.

-In the end, Dreamcatcher wins.
SY: Yes. We trap him in the mirror.

This is us, completed
– on May 17th, after the release of GOOD NIGHT, you attended KCON in Japan. How was your first visit to Japan?
SY: While on the bus, I was looking at the buildings and the towns of Japan. It was as though I’d wandered into a fairy tale.
-Was it your first time in Japan, personally?
GH: It was my first time.
JU: I’d been to Japan with my family before.

-It was during this time that I first saw Dreamcatcher in real life. You were unbelievably cute, your dances were great, and you sang well. I fell in love with you girls.
ALL: Oh! Thank you! (Clap)

-At the time, you sang ballads too. I thought ‘wow, they sing ballads well too.’
SA: Did we sing a ballad number at KCON?

-Not during the main performance. It was on the convention stage.
ALL: Ah! Thank you.

-Moving on, Let’s talk about Fly High. Looking at the music video, it seems to take place before Chase Me.
ALL: Yes it does.

-The music video was mysterious, but the CD booklet felt a bit refreshing.
SY: We have two concepts. The album has two versions, one for each concept.
SA: The album’s concept is us before we became nightmares.

-I’ve heard that you got cursed for killing the spider in the music video, or something like that.
JU: We didn’t mean to kill it. We were curious about what it was, and the spider got killed while we were looking at it through a magnifying glass. By its curse, we became Nightmares.

-In a sense, your origin story is like Spiderman’s, then.
ALL: Ah. (Laugh)

-Also, you have been on world tour since September. How has it been? Which place left the deepest impression?
GH: At Columbia, our fans came to meet us at the airport. They screamed loudly, and warmly welcomed us. That was memorable.
YH: Since Japan was the first concert of the tour, I found Japan memorable.

-Next up is YOU AND I. I felt that YOU AND I basically completed Dreamcatcher’s concept, in terms of the makeup, fashion, choreography and musical style. What do you think?
YH: I felt the same way.
JU: Definitely. During the production, I really thought that this was us, completed.

-In ‘YOU AND I’, Dami revealing the stick while rapping was very memorable. Weren’t there times when you dropped the stick?
DM: During the actual shows, nothing happened. But during rehearsals, the stick sometimes wouldn’t open, or get flung up high. It was pretty hard.

-In the same vein, every member waving a scarf during the dance was also very memorable. Didn’t you drop it at times?
ALL: Ahh. (Laugh)
JU: During the live shows, we are in such a hurry that one time, I forgot to take the scarf with me. I did the dance while pretending to have the scarf. (Laugh)

-With “Nightmare: Escape the ERA”, the album that contains YOU AND I, you reached 7th place on the Billboard world album charts. Aren’t you gaining popularity worldwide?
JU: We are just so grateful for it.
YH: With YOU AND I, we were also nominated as a candidate for first place on a music show for the first time.

-Ah, yes. You can also vote for that music program in Japan using a smartphone app. I voted too.

Being able to interact in Japanese would be beautiful
-You made your splendid formal debut in Japan with “What – Japanese ver.” Could you tell us more about the track for Japanese listeners?
JU: ‘What’ is an addictive song that combines Symphony with Rock, conveying a powerful message.

-The Japanese music video was very similar to the Korean version. Were they made at the same time?
SY: We filmed on the same day.

-Does that mean that by the time of your comeback in Korea, the Japanese version was also completed?
JU: We prepared for both versions at the same time.

-I see. The regular version of this album also contains “I Miss You”, your first original Japanese song. What are your feelings towards this track?
ALL: We love it!

-‘I Miss You’ feels like it would be very moving at concerts.
JU: Yes. It is a special number, being our first original Japanese song. If we could perform on a concert in Japan, that would make it a very special day.

-Now that you’ve debuted in Japan, what are Dreamcatcher’s ambitions?
JU: Ambitions? (Laugh) I want us to do be able to do a Dome tour.
SA: I’ve heard that Korean styles and fashion have become popular in Japan. If possible, I want to become something of an icon in fields like makeup or fashion. I also want to be involved in those fields.
YH: I think it’d be beautiful if I was able to communicate and interact with Japanese Somnies in Japanese. I want work hard to be able to do more in Japanese.

-Thank you.
YH: The end!

Dreamcatcher released their 4th mini album, “The End of Nightmare” on February 13th. They are currently energetically promoting with the lead track, “PIRI.” At the time of this being written, they were already nominated as a candidate for first place on a music show. Sadly, they did not win first place. It would be great if they won first place by the time this book gets published. In addition, around the time of this book’s release, on March 13th, the Japanese version of PIRI will be released. On May, the group’s Asian tour, “INVITATION FROM NIGHTMARE CITY”, which goes through 6 cities in 5 countries, is planned. As part of the tour, Dreamcatcher will hold concerts in Tokyo on May 2nd, and in Kobe on May 4th. Opportunities to meet Dreamcatcher in Japan will continue, it seems. You need to see Dreamcatcher in real life!

November 23rd, Bunkyou-ku, Kawaguchi.


Label: Happyface (Kor)
Lead Track: Chase Me

The first installment of the Nightmare series is a shocker that set Dreamcatcher’s image. In the Lead Track, Chase Me, the members lead the listeners into a dream, while playing mischiefs on them. They provoke us, telling us to “Catch me.” But try as we might to capture them, they slip through our fingers, and play more tricks on us. They sensually grab their hair, as if to goad us, saying “try to touch even one hair on my head.” The track exhilaratingly gallops towards the end, utilizing metal sounds. In a sea of undistinguishable girl groups, Dreamcatcher successfully manages to set itself apart.

Nightmare: Fall asleep in the mirror
Label: Happyface (Kor)
Lead Track: GOOD NIGHT

Dreamcatcher toys with us again in the second installment of the Nightmare series. If you just listen, you are sure to be encaptivated in a blissful state of sleep paralysis, unable to wake up from the terrifying dream. The Lead track, GOOD NIGHT, convinced fans who suspected Metal to be a gimmick, of the sincerity of the members towards Metal. Though the seven members openly admit to being fans of BABYMETAL, they are no simple followers. Fierce sounds, the horror concept, and the dynamic choreography blend together to open up a new playing field that is unique to Dreamcatcher. Lullaby, a track that seems to calm and gently comfort the listener, is on the B-side.

Label: Happyface (Kor)
Lead Track: Fly High

Released as Dreamcatcher marked their sixth month, their first EP serves as a prequel to their two previous singles. It goes back to a time when the members were all students living in the same dormitory, and shows us how the Nightmare series began. The lead track “Fly High” was written by SEION, the hit maker for female singers. Under his influence, the track features a sprinting feeling, instead of the darkness of the previous singles. It would fit perfectly as an opening theme for an anime. It widens the spectrum of the Nightmare series. On the B-side, Sleep-walking, a song that could be called “the golden standard for lives”, which features cool Drum-and-Bass tunes, and ‘It’s Okay!’ a rock ballad number that comforts fans, are listed.

Nightmare – Escape the ERA
Label: Happyface (Kor)
Lead Track: You and I

Yoohyeon burning the spider to death was the start of everything… This much was revealed in the previous track, Fly High. This time, Yoohyeon is cursed by the spider, which transformed into a woman. The spider woman takes over her body. To free Yoohyeon, the members form a circle and perform a ritual. On stage, this is translated into magic. It’s like watching Princess Tenko’s (a Japanese female magician) illusions! Dami’s stick tricks and the seemingly magical scarf dance of the members bring Metallic K-Pop into a whole new dimension.

Alone in The City
Label: Happyface (Kor)
Lead Track: What

In the previous album, Dreamcatcher ended an era of the Nightmare series which focused on the killing of the spider, which happened when the members were young. The Nightmare series enters a new ERA with the lead track of this album, ‘What.’ Even in the visual images which were released before the album, the members, with the night streets of Shinzuku and Shibuya as the background, hint at a new theme. That theme being the distress of young adults living in the cities. Dreamcatcher’s clothing, which had been unified up to this point, became more vivid, rock-inspired and individualized for each member. Dreamcatcher renews its image and conveys a strong will to free oneself from the nightmares of modern life through hard sounds.

What – Japanese Ver.-
Label: Ponycanyon (Jap)
Lead Track: What -Japanese ver.-

On July 2018, during their Tokyo performance, Dreamcatcher announced their upcoming official Japanese debut, to the excitement of fans. 4 months later, their Japanese debut single, ‘What -Japanese ver.- was released. The sound remained identical to the Korean version, and the lyrics also stayed true to the original Korean lyrics. However, the Japanese music video had subtle changes added, making comparison between the two versions interesting. You can enjoy two tastes with one bite! The B-Side contains the Japanese version of Chase Me. Thus, their first Japanese single contains the song that represents the first two installments of the Nightmare series. With this ‘Best of Dreamcatcher’-esque album, which contains both the starting point and the Latest installment (at the time of writing), Dreamcatcher makes a strong debut.

The End of Nightmare
Label: Dreamcatcher (Kor)
Lead Track: PIRI

This is the End of the Nightmare Series. The intro elevates your expectations to the max with Drum-and-Bass sounds, and then the album explodes into excitement with the lead track, PIRI. “PIRI” means flute in Korean. On top of a heavily electronic rock base, the flute sounds used in the chorus add a folky taste. Another point of note is Sub vocal Gahyeon creating freshness overload with a cool rap part. Suffering from solitude and uncertainty, Dreamcatcher sends out an SOS call through the sound of the flute. But nobody realizes, and the nightmare known as solitude comes to an end. But the Nightmare isn’t quite over. The End of Nightmare was merely a prologue for the nightmare that is the second Japanese single.

Notice: This translation was completed without any permission or endorsement from the copyright holder. As such, a license cannot be specified. This translation will be taken down if the copyright holder wishes so.

[TRANS] Genie Music Interview #PIRI

INTERVIEW Recording, Jacket, MV shooting behind the scenes interview

Q1. Dreamcatcher, you are having a comeback after almost 5 months, please greet the Genie Music family.

Dreamcatcher:*kiss* Dream of us! Hello, we are Dreamcatcher~❤ Genie Music family, how are you? We came back with our final nightmare story~


Q2. Since this fourth mini album’s name ‘The End of Nightmare’ indicates that this is your last nightmare story, it probably feels different. What kind of story does the album tell?

Yoohyeon: Yes, this album incorporates the ending to the nightmare story that we told since our debut. Dreamcatcher is inviting you all to never-ending, repeating nightmares.


Q3. The title song is called ‘PIRI’, what kind of song is it? Dreamcatchers’ choreography left a deep impression again, so please explain this song’s point dance.

Jiu: Our title song ‘PIRI’ displays modern peoples’ feelings of wanting to break free from the loneliness and anxiety of being left by oneself. In the special story, the matter of ‘PIRI’ adds to Dreamcatchers’ own SOS signal that we are sending.

Sua: For a point dance, we have a choreography where we follow [each other] with a time difference, as if bewitched by the flute’s sound, reminiscent of the Pied Piper¹~~

Siyeon: Yes, in the Pied Piper dance, Jiu is the piper!


Q4. This album contains 6 songs in total, which one is each member’s favorite and why?

Jiu: Choosing a favorite song for this album is harder than ever before. I really like all of them, I can’t choose a favorite!

Sua: My favorite song is ‘PIRI’~ All of the other songs are really, really good, too, but its refreshing sound immediately captured my heart.

Siyeon: My favorite song is ‘Daydream’! Since it is winter right now, I like that it is a song that feels dim and warm while listening.

Handong: For me, it is ‘Daydream’, too. When I listened to it, the calm and lyrical melody felt really healing.

Yoohyeon: I like ‘그리고 아무도 없었다’ [And I had nobody] best. Even before recording, in a state without lyrics, I really liked its sophisticated feeling,  and the lyrics ‘And I had nobody’ feel both very hypnotic and dim.

Dami: For me it is ‘Diamond’. During recording, it was a style of rap that I don’t usually do, so it was very difficult, but in the end, the recording turned out well.

Gahyeon: For me it is ‘Diamond’, too. It is the song we prepared for first, so I am attached to it.


Q5. This album comes in two versions, Stability and Instability. Do you have any memorable episodes from shooting each version?

Jiu: When we had our concept shooting, we used the concept of laying down while shooting, but my head was surrounded by grass and I got scared that it would get stuck in my hair, so I remember that our staff made a fuss about it for no reason and said “Carefully, carefully~”. At the concept shooting, I had a scene with the members in our stage outfits, and we had to stand by the window. One of the photographers went outside on that cold day to film us from outside, but when he talked, we couldn’t hear him well, so shooting while communicating with body language is one thing I remember.

Handong: That’s true. I couldn’t find the camera at first, because it was dark. The photographers worked very hard, thank you.

Sua: At the concept shooting when we filmed laying down on the floor, the floor was cold, so they spread out hot packs in the shape of a person, so it was a very warm and comfortable shooting~!ㅎㅎ Also I wanted to utilize the outfit for the shooting, so I kept turning round and round~

Siyeon: At the concept shooting, someone told me to show a bewitched expression, but it was the first time I tried [such a] passive feeling, so it was hard. When we filmed, my stage outfit had a long handkerchief running down from it. Cool pictures came out after we tried to film it the moment after I threw it. So it was fun to shoot in sync with the photographer.

Gahyeon: For me too, at the concept shooting, they said I had to remove power from my eyes to look pure, but even when I did, the photographers and the staff kept telling me that I looked scared. I think that shooting was the most difficult.

Yoohyeon: For me it was when filming the concept in my stage outfit, too, it seemed like I could not walk around alone, because the red cloth that ran down it was very long. I kept stepping on it. I felt like a puppy chasing its own tail. hehe.

Dami: During the concept shooting, it was very hard [for me] to show the feeling of being seduced. Also I wore green lenses for the first time, so I was worried if I could pull it off, but I think it looks good, so I’m satisfied.


Q6. The music video for the title song ‘PIRI’ probably has a different atmosphere compared to your other music videos. Do you have any memorable episodes from filming it?

Jiu: I have a scene where I watch TV and then get surprised by seeing myself, but acting surprised is very awkward. Especially opening my mouth too much looked very awkward. The director said to me “Jiu-ya, that’s good~ Don’t open your mouth much~” while smiling, I remember that that released the tension a bit. haha

Sua: We always did the lipsyncing one by one before, but this time, for the first time, we tried two people at once with two cameras, and I thought “Oh~ This is a very new and good way”. Also, watching two members lipsync at the same time looked a lot like a competition, so it was pretty exciting. hehehe

Siyeon: When I first looked at the synopsis, it felt like a collection of several short horror movies, which I really liked. I have a scene where I sit on a ladder and I received a compliment for that, so I was happy!


Q7. You must have been busy with preparing for the comeback during the Lunar New Year holidays a few days ago. If you have goals or resolutions for the new year 2019, please talk about them.

Dami: I had time to see my family on Lunar New Year, so I returned home. I came back after gaining a lot of strength and want to be busy in various ways [this year].

Sua: I hope that everyone I love can spend this year healthily and happily. Everyone, please earn a lot while working less~ hehe

Siyeon: I want to try an OST! And I’m studying really diligently because I want you to hear my own compositions!

Gahyeon: I hope that this promotion will be meaningful one during which I meet Somnias more often, and I definitely want to get first place!


Q8. Lastly, please say some parting words to the Genie Music family.

Dreamcatcher: Genie Music family, today our album was released and both the title song ‘PIRI’ and the B-side tracks are all good, so please listen to them a lot and show a lot of love! Ah, and also, once again, we wish everyone a happy new year~! Until now, we have been Dreamcatcher. Thank you!



¹ = Reference to the German tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, who lured away children with his magic flute


please do not take translation without credit


original source: Genie Music

[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Hanbok Interview – Naver

Are ‘Nightmares’ this beautiful…Dreamcatcher, ‘Lunar New Year Greetings’ together with their Hanboks (Korean traditional costume)

Link: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003170596


Through Happy Face Entertainment on the 4th, “It seems like it has only been a while since debut but quickly it has been our 3rd time doing our greetings” they expressed their thoughts.

Dreamcatcher, who did their greetings together with their pretty hanboks, “Thank you to everyone who have given us a lot of attention and sent us a lot of love during this period of time. Without losing that preciousness, we are always working hard to become Dreamcatcher that can give everyone better music and performances in return.

The members said, “For this year, we hope that we will always be healthy and for everyone to fulfill the things that they want to accomplish. Dreamcatcher, as expected, will be alongside with everyone in order to fulfill that dream together”

Lastly, Dreamcatcher added, “We will be greeting everyone with a new album soon. Thanks to you it seems like we will spend an exciting holiday with our hearts full.” In order to become the Dreamcatcher that will receive even more acknowledgement from everyone for this album, we will do our best so please anticipate and give us a lot of love.

Dreamcatcher, who debuted with the release of the single ‘Nightmare’ in January 2017, have been using unique concepts such as ‘Dream’ and ‘Nightmare’ with their albums to weave a unique, continuing fantasy story. Also, they have received attention for their strong metal rock sound. In particular, they have completed two successful world tours, creating sensation not only at home (in Korea) but also abroad.

They have arranged to meet their fans with the release of their new mini album ‘The End of Nightmare’ this coming 13th. In light of new reports, the narration for the ‘Nightmare’ story thus far will be coming to an end, drawing extreme interest

At the present, Dreamcatcher are spending each remaining day busy doing their last preparations for their comeback. After ending their promotions, an Asia tour in 5 countries, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and of course, in Korea has been planned in order to meet with the fans up close.


[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Handong – Lunar New Year Interview

Link: http://www.getnews.co.kr/view.php?ud=20190204153317359480ed35aa76_16

Dreamcatcher Handong, ‘Hoping for expansion into China! I want my hometown to know about Dreamcatcher.’ (Lunar New Year Interview⑦)

Please greet the fans and the public for New Year and Lunar New Year


“Hello! I am Dreamcatcher’s ice princess Handong! Happy new year to everyone and I hope everyone does well in the things that they want to do!”


What are your goals for this year?

“For me firstly is to work hard, it will be good if I can improve my singing skills further. This year, other than performing as well, together with more variety of promotion activities, definitely expansion into China. I want to let the people in my hometown to know about Dreamcatcher.”


Do you have a new challenge in other areas you would like to try to welcome the new year?

“I have suddenly develop an interest in acting recently. Even though my skills are lacking, one day I would like to try acting once.”


Last year, with Full Moon, YOU AND I, and What, you did promotions to the point where there were no breaks in between, can we expect this year to be like the last or to be an even more active year?

“For this year, to Dreamcatcher and to our Insomnias who have given us love, it will be great if we have have a fulfilling and happy year. In order to meet everyone frequently, I will put in my best effort.”


During last year’s activities were there any points where you felt that it was a pity? Compared to last year, what is your resolution or something that you are determined to carry out this year?

“There was nothing disappointing. However, I want to work even harder. It will be great if there will be more people who know our songs. Also, I hope 2019 will be a year where I can grow even more.”


After Japanese promotions and World Tour, you’re planned for an Asia Tour this year too, is there anything that is slightly more improved or prepared differently compared to last time?

“During that time, we have planned to show more varied performance of Dreamcatcher while doing promotions. Specially, the new song for the upcoming comeback, we want to show the performance closely (to everyone). Also, something that cannot be left out, there are plans in preparation for unit performances so please anticipate that a lot.”


Lastly, a word from Dreamcatcher’s Handong to InSomnias who are waiting for this comeback,

“Please really anticipate this comeback. Even though I still cannot say anything yet, there will be yet another side/charm of me I have not been able to show everyone so please give me a lot of love!”


Dreamcatcher’s JiU, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong and Gahyeon promoted Full Moon, YOU AND I and What actively last year with hardly any breaks. This year, on the 13th of February, Dreamcatcher will be making a comeback with their fourth mini-album, ‘The End of Nightmare’, which will be the conclusion of their ‘nightmare’ series. After their fourth mini-album promotions, they’ll be embarking on an Asia Tour to closely communicate with their foreign fans, ‘InSomnia’.

[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon – Lunar New Year Interview

Link: http://www.getnews.co.kr/view.php?ud=20190204152158579480ed35aa76_16

Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon, ‘To take up the challenge to emcee and develop myself are my biggest goals!’(Lunar New Year Interview⑥)

‘I want to meet InSomnias all over the world using Vapp, Youtube and a variety of methods’


Please greet the fans and the public for New Year and Lunar New Year


“Hello~! It seems like it is already the second Lunar New Year (I have spent) as Dreamcatcher! I hope you will have a fun Lunar New Year and spend it happily~!!”


What are your goals for this year?

“For me personally, to consistently study is my biggest goal. To be honest, not just studying, but I want to carry out my plans steadily. It is the hardest to be consistent isn’t it.”


Do you have a new challenge in other areas you would like to try to welcome the new year?

“I want to try being an MC! Even though it is nice to be on stage as the main character, I also want to try introducing for others, not being the main character. “


Last year, with Full Moon, YOU AND I, and What, you did promotions to the point where there were no breaks in between, can we expect this year to be like the last or to be an even more active year?

“I want to meet everyone not just as Dreamcatcher on stage, but with Vapp and Youtube and also using a wide variety of channels..”


During last year’s activities were there any points where you felt that it was a pity? Compared to last year, what is your resolution or something that you are determined to carry out this year?

“Other than showing even more of Dreamcatcher’s colour, I think that it is really hard to make a stage where even more people will like. For this year, the conclusion of this that I have been worrying about will be carried over to this year. This year, as a result of the things we have been worried about, we will become the Dreamcatcher that receives love from even more people compared to now!”


After Japanese promotions and World Tour, you’re planned for an Asia Tour this year too, is there anything that is slightly more improved or prepared differently compared to last time?

“Dreamcatcher’s 7 members are all really working hard at the moment. For now it is still a secret so even though I cannot tell everyone, it would be great if everyone really anticipates it!”


Lastly, a word from Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon to InSomnias who are waiting for this comeback,

“I know that (for the fans) in that position, it is really hard to wait for someone. So I am really thankful to Insomnias. Now that we will be meeting with everyone soon, we will repay you with an even better image. I am always grateful. I love you!”


Dreamcatcher’s JiU, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong and Gahyeon promoted Full Moon, YOU AND I and What actively last year with hardly any breaks. This year, on the 13th of February, Dreamcatcher will be making a comeback with their fourth mini-album, ‘The End of Nightmare’, which will be the conclusion of their ‘nightmare’ series. After their fourth mini-album promotions, they’ll be embarking on an Asia Tour to closely communicate with their foreign fans, ‘InSomnia’.

[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Siyeon – Lunar New Year Interview

Link: http://www.getnews.co.kr/view.php?ud=20190204151440430580ed35aa76_16

Article Title: “Year of the Golden Pig” Dreamcatcher Siyeon, ‘I want to challenge myself for Drama OST·Song Composition·Acting!'(Lunar New Year Interview⑤)

Please greet the fans and the public for New Year and Lunar New Year


“It’s the Lunar New Year~~^^* I was born in the Year of the Pig! We’ll work hard this year to make Dreamcatcher become a hit!!””


What do you feel about the Year of the Golden Pig in 2019?

“I want to show more hard work in the Year of the Golden Pig. I want to achieve happy results through my efforts. I do not think think that efforts will betray you. I want to do my best to make this Year of Golden Pig a happy year!”


What are your goals for this year?

“I want to try out for a drama OST this year. And I want to work hard to present a self-composed song by Siyeon for InSomnias to listen.”


Do you have a new challenge in other areas you would like to try to welcome the new year?

“I want to try acting once. Doing acting and even its OST! I’m already excited. I will work hard everyday to make my dream come true!”


Last year, you promoted Full Moon, YOU AND I and What with hardly any breaks, can we expect more active promotions this year like last year or more than last year?

“Of course! It’s because Dreamcatcher doesn’t like to rest! We are always working hard to meet fans even in places that can’t be seen by the eyes, let’s meet more often!”


During your busy promotions last year, were there any disappointing points? And compared to last year, what is your resolution or determination to do this year?

“Instead of making some results right away, I felt like I was going up the steps one by one. I always think that if you do it like that, good results will follow. It’s not like there are no lacking points, but I think I can work harder because of it”


After Japanese promotions and World Tour, you’re planned for an Asia Tour this year too, is there anything that is slightly more improved or prepared differently compared last time?

“Wouldn’t it be the new setlist with new songs added or the unit stages? To give you a small hint, I hope you’ll look forward to the birth of a unit that you will not be able to imagine!”


Lastly, Dreamcatcher Dami’s message to all the fans, InSomnia, who are waiting for their comeback,

“Everyone! I promised that I’ll greet you with really great songs, right? This time too, let’s create a lot of good times ! I love you Somnias!”


Dreamcatcher’s JiU, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong and Gahyeon promoted Full Moon, YOU AND I and What actively last year with hardly any breaks. This year, on the 13th of February, Dreamcatcher will be making a comeback with their fourth mini-album, ‘The End of Nightmare’, which will be the conclusion of their ‘nightmare’ series. After their fourth mini-album promotions, they’ll be embarking on an Asia Tour to closely communicate with their foreign fans, ‘InSomnia’.

[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Dami – Lunar New Year Interview

Link: http://www.getnews.co.kr/view.php?ud=20190204150735910380ed35aa76_16

Article Title: Dreamcatcher Dami, ‘I will study MIDI·Song Composition harder! I want to put it in an album.'(Lunar New Year Interview④)

Please greet the fans and the public for New Year and Lunar New Year


“Hello! I’m Dreamcatcher’s Dami who is back with a short cut!”


What are your goals for this year?

“I’ve been interested in writing lyrics and I’ve participated to write for the songs in the albums. I want to try harder this year and put my self-composed song in Dreamcatcher’s album”


Do you have a new challenge in other areas you would like to try to welcome the new year?

“As I’ve mentioned before, to compose my own song, I’m diligently studying the MIDI. I want to present my song to you as soon as possible.”


Last year, you promoted Full Moon, YOU AND I and What with hardly any breaks, can we expect more active promotions this year like last year or more than last year?

“The time spent to meet you guys have always been precious and joyful. We are doing our best to meet you more often so please look forward to seeing us this year.”


During your busy promotions last year, were there any disappointing points? And compared to last year, what is your resolution or determination to do this year?

“When I look back now, I think I was really busy with promotions. I hope this year will be a year of improvements as a team and as an individual as well.”


After Japanese promotions and World Tour, you’re planned for an Asia Tour this year too, is there anything that is slightly more improved or prepared differently compared last time?

“I always try to show many sides of me during tour concerts, I was not able to show you everything about Dreamcatcher during the given time. This time round, we’re preparing a lot of performances that we didn’t show you last time, so please look forward to it and I hope you’ll come to find us and watch.”


Lastly, Dreamcatcher Dami’s message to all the fans, InSomnia, who are waiting for their comeback,

“To our InSomnias who are always waiting for us! We’ve worked really hard to make this album and we’ll show a more greater side of us. This has been Dami!”


Dreamcatcher’s JiU, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong and Gahyeon promoted Full Moon, YOU AND I and What actively last year with hardly any breaks. This year, on the 13th of February, Dreamcatcher will be making a comeback with their fourth mini-album, ‘The End of Nightmare’, which will be the conclusion of their ‘nightmare’ series. After their fourth mini-album promotions, they’ll be embarking on an Asia Tour to closely communicate with their foreign fans, ‘InSomnia’.

[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Gahyeon – Lunar New Year Interview

Link: http://www.getnews.co.kr/view.php?ud=20190204144558517180ed35aa76_16

Article Title: Dreamcatcher Gahyeon, ‘I’ll try to show different sides of me more this year.'(Lunar New Year Interview③)

Please greet the fans and the public for New Year and Lunar New Year


“Hello. I’m Dreamcatcher’s lovable, youngest Gahyeon! We’ll show more cool sides of us this year so please look forward to it!”


What are your goals for this year?

“I want to try harder this year and show everyone a pretty and lovely appearance!”


Do you have a new challenge in other areas you would like to try to welcome the new year?

“The members and I are interested a lot in acting. I’m still lacking but I’ll work hard to show you different sides of Gahyeon!”


Last year, you promoted Full Moon, YOU AND I and What with hardly any breaks, can we expect more active promotions this year like last year or more than last year?

“Of course! This year too, I’ll do my best to actively meet all InSomnias!”


During your busy promotions last year, were there any disappointing points? And compared to last year, what is your resolution or determination to do this year?

“It’s very busy during the promotion period so it was difficult. However, with the love that was sent by InSomnias, I was able to endure it all happily. This year, we will become a more loved Dreamcatcher and Gahyeon!”


After Japanese promotions and World Tour, you’re planned for an Asia Tour this year too, is there anything that is slightly more improved or prepared differently compared last time?

“I guess we’ll able to show you more of Dreamcatcher’s new song upclose. Also, we’ve improved our unit stages so please look forward to them!”


Lastly, Dreamcatcher Gahyeon’s message to all the fans, InSomnia, who are waiting for their comeback,

“My really really lovable Somnias! In the future, the days where we can meet more often will come so please look forward to it! I’m always thankful and I love you”


Dreamcatcher’s JiU, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong and Gahyeon promoted Full Moon, YOU AND I and What actively last year with hardly any breaks. This year, on the 13th of February, Dreamcatcher will be making a comeback with their fourth mini-album, ‘The End of Nightmare’, which will be the conclusion of their ‘nightmare’ series. After their fourth mini-album promotions, they’ll be embarking on an Asia Tour to closely communicate with their foreign fans, ‘InSomnia’.