How to sign up for Daum

How to: sign up for DAUM

You will need a daum account in order to join dreamcatcher’s fancafe
  1. Go to daum. Click the menu in the top left corner (for desktop, go to step 3 and find ‘회원가입’ at the right side)

2. Click ‘로그인’ (login) on either the top or bottom of the screen

3. Click ‘회원가입’ (sign up)

4. Click to sign up with your kakaotalk account

5. You will be redirected to your kakaotalk account and it will be automatically linked to daum. Select kakaotalk account and collection & use of personal information. Click accept.

6. Click on the “I do not have a daum ID” option if you are registering to daum for the first time. (If you already have a daum ID and merely want to link your kakaotalk account you can click the “I have a daum ID” option).

7. Choose a daum ID and enter it into the appropriate field. Then click ‘가입완료’ to complete your sign up.

8. You have completed your registration to daum! You will see your daum ID, kakaotalk account and nickname.