How to buy a pass and stream on BUGS

last update: 02-Oct-2022

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In this guide:

  • How to buy a streaming pass: IOS users only (android discontinued July 2022)
  • How to stream on BUGS


Make sure to clear your playlist and make a new one or add other songs regularly (to avoid bot behaviour). Songs only count 1/hour towards realtime charts, however playing title tracks multiple times per hour will add to the total streams!


For iOS users

Please note that before you go through with the payment you’ll need to set your App Store location back to your original country! If you stay on “South Korea”, it will only accept Korean credit cards for payment. Guide: How to change app store location

iOS user needs to have a payment option added to their device before selecting subscription option to purchase the Bugs pass. Without this information, Bugs will give the user an error that says “You must switch to Korean store before purchasing”. Adding a payment option to your iOS device will resolve this.

Click on 이용권 구매’ (purchase a pass)’ > select a subscription option (one month purchase will allow you to stream songs/albums for 30 days) > confirm your subscription

And that’s it! After purchasing your pass through your app store account you’ll be able to freely stream for 30 days.


On your homescreen, click the menu (3 dots) top right > click ‘settings’ (설정)

Click on data saving ( 데이터 절약) > make sure streaming cache (스트리밍 캐싱) is turned off. Go back to settings & click ‘bugs lab’ > turn audio focus off. Go back to settings & click on ‘playlist’ (재생) > make sure duplicate songs are allowed (on)


DO NOT mute the player, fast forward or rewind, pause the songs. Streams are only counted once the full song has been played.

If you have unlimited streams, you can make a playlist & put it on repeat (you can edit & make a new playlist to avoid bot behaviour). The title track should play more than once per hour, it won’t count towards the chart update, but it will still be added to the total play count!

Click the search icon at the bottom > search for 드림캐쳐 & click album (앨범) to see the album list > click on the 3 dots album that contains the songs you want to add > click ‘add to playlist’ (재생목록에 추가) > select the playlist icon. You can also add songs separately to a playlist by clicking the menu next to the song and adding to playlist. You can add the title track multiple times!

Click on the song that is playing > make sure to like it, set it to repeat, sound quality AAC. You can click on the playlist icon at the bottom right to see all songs that have been added & change their order (click to select a song).

To delete songs from the playlist, click the edit button up top > select the songs you want to delete or ‘select all’ & click ‘delete’ (삭제)

You can also like dreamcatcher’s page (and members) by clicking ‘artist’ as seen on the first screenshot. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Buying a streaming pass: android users (DISCONTINUED JULY 2022)

Click the menu top right > click ‘purchase a pass’ (이용권 구매) – if you have a different layout, look for the words ‘이용권’ or the music icon > click on the ‘general’ (일반) tab, and scroll down until you find google play. You can select the 30 day pass by clicking ‘buy’ (구매). You can also choose to buy a subscription, and cancel it before the next month.

And that’s it! After purchasing your pass through your google play account you’ll be able to freely stream for 30 days.

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