12 Oct 2022 Xportsnews “The driving force of Dreamcatcher, who respected each other and endured difficulties “Our members are nice, I don’t want to drift apart from these people” ③

“I think the driving force of our team is each other. Sometimes I thought ‘It’s so tiring’ but I don’t want to waste this team and drift apart from these people.” (Gahyeon)

Dreamcatcher (JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong, Gahyeon) made their comeback with their seventh mini-album ‘Apocalypse : Follow us’. It was their first comeback since they won their first prize on a music show with their title song ‘MAISON’ after 1924 days since their debut, a lot of attention was paid to them.

They have been growing step by step, but they haven’t won on music shows like it’s not the right time. On this, Dreamcatcher said it’s one of the sad moments when their fans told them “I’m sorry I couldn’t let you win first place” when they were nominated for first place on a music show but failed. And in April, with K-pop fans from all over the world aspiring, they proudly won on music shows and were greatly congratulated.

When we asked if the feeling of “sorry” disappeared from them and their fans, who boasted a strong bond to each other after winning first place, JiU said, “How much effort did the fans make (for Dreamcatcher)? After winning the first place, it felt like we had done it, endured well, and won, with our fans. I was very happy when the fans said, “Congratulations on winning first place.”

Dami said, “They (fans) said ‘Do I look like a No.1 singer’s fan?’ and ‘It’s me, I’m the No.1 singer’s fan.” “I thought that the fans liked our win more than us, and they were cute.” SuA said, “Our name was on the trend (of Twitter) for 2~4 days after our first win.” She said, “It usually disappears in a few hours, but it lasted for a few days, so I felt that many people waited (for Dreamcatcher’s first win).”

Dreamcatcher has gotten a solid position in Korea, with their previous work winning on music shows and breaking their own sales record, but they are still more popular abroad. So we asked them if they wanted our country’s people to know them a little more, and JiU said, “People say Dreamcatcher’s songs are difficult, but our songs are easier to sing along than people think. Our songs are the songs that many people can enjoy, so I hope people will be more interested in us.”

Yoohyeon said, “I hope producers know Dreamcatcher’s sense of entertainment. When I’m filming a variety show with our members, it’s so fun as if I’m a viewer. We also structure our concerts so that we can enjoy the show together, and I hope people see that.”

And Handong said, “People who see us on stage for the first time think we are scary.” She said, “It’s not like that at all, off the stage, our images are cute, sexy, and diverse.” When Handong said that, other members joked around saying, “You’re pushing for cute and sexy,” drawing laughter.

There will be something they look forward to following their first win. They mentioned different things that they wanted to get from this album. First, Siyeon said that music shows that were pre-recorded due to COVID-19 recently resumed the audience’s entrance. Other members laughed, saying, “I can see it clearly by looking at Siyeon’s eyes.” Siyeon then said, “What I want is to make people who are not our fans (who came to the audience) like us.” Our stage has a good sound and we have a great stage presence, so I think carefully that people will fall in love with us once they watch our stage.” And she laughed when she said, “You have to add ‘She said carefully’.”

Gahyeon said, “There is a concert after this promotion. I hope people have high expectations (for Dreamcatcher) and they want to see the concert.” And Sua said, “We have a lot of work during our working season, right? I hope there will be a lot of people who come to see us after watching our work. We’re the ones who are hungry for work. I think it would be good to have a lot of people who call us constantly,” she said, expressing her wish.

Dreamcatcher didn’t let go of their own color and endured it firmly. What do they think of themselves? Yoohyeon mentioned “’존버 idol’ which means ‘respecting and enduring (존중하며 버틴다)’.” “It took a long time to win. I think we’re a sample of 존버. I could have given up, but I came here with patience. If you’re tired of something, I hope you can endure it and achieve it. Think about our story.” After Yoohyeon’s saying, other members nodded, saying, “We are really like cactus.”

From respecting each other, enduring difficulties to becoming No.1 singers, Gahyeon, “maknae” of the team, began to say, “I think the driving force of Dreamcatcher is us each other” and she said “To be honest, I endured difficulties because I wanted to be with the members. When I thought ‘It’s too tiring. Should I stop?’ I could endure it thinking ‘they are such good people.’”

She said, emphasizing “I don’t want to waste this team and drift apart from these people.” When she recited “My people are good” as if she had given up, the other members laughed and responded to the maknae’s sincerity, saying, “Thanks” and “Thank you.”

SuA also said, “Our members’ talents should not be wasted. So I hope they do this work consistently. And I hope we can create more synergy when we’re together.” She showed her trust and affection for other members. And Dami said, “My driving force is the belief that I can do it. I think the belief that I can do it has made me endure.”

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