[Idoltist] “Cannot exist without Dreamcatcher” Sua, Passion that everyone acknowledges ③

28 May 2023

Sua has made choreography starting from special clips to Dreamcatcher group songs. Choreography for the b-side ‘DEMIAN’ from Dreamcatcher’s recent album ‘Apocalypse: From us’ is coming soon.

“I’ve done a lot of choreography, but teaching a dance for such a powerful song will be a first for me. It was a competitor for the title track, and fans seem to like it a lot. I felt pressure starting on the song. I think I’m more confined because I want to show how good I am.”

While Sua worries about making a performance they also need to sing live to, she boasts about their teamwork, saying she’s not worried about their chemistry. So then what are the strengths of the members that Sua is the closest to?

Jiu knows herself the best. She’s very objective, so she always asks. If she doesn’t know something she says she doesn’t know and asks about it earnestly, so I can feel that she’s someone who is very open to learning. Also she always tries to dance cleanly. We’re a team that tries to dance cleanly and by the book, so she’s someone this team really needs.”

Siyeon has her own personality. Rather than that personality making her stand out in the choreography, she has her own special vibe. I really felt it during ‘Red Sun’. ‘She can pull that part off this way too.’ I feel like I’m learning something every time just from Siyeon herself.”

Handong’s lines and form are all elegant and sophisticated. Because of that she definitely suits calm songs very well. Her hand movement is pretty, meaning she’s very delicate. As if her personality also comes out of her body, she’s normally affectionate and delicate. Her dance line is soft like running water.”

Yoohyeon is the most hard-working person I’ve seen. Her goals and standards for herself are very high. She knows what moves she struggles with, so there’s never a time she doesn’t ask. She’s constantly deliberating, so it’s nice to see. I really respect that side of her.”

Dami is like Siyeon and has her own personality. She has an enviable body type with long limbs, but usually that makes it hard to dance. However she uses it well and creates really great gestures. It’s cool how they fit the song and suit her as well. She’s a member that knows how to bring out her coolness the most.”

Gahyeon also deliberates a lot when it comes to dance. She and Yoohyeon always work hard and practice, I always want to teach her something more. She has really big eyes. I can feel her desire to learn in those big eyes. Modifying the choreography is something you probably don’t like hearing. But even then, she doesn’t show it and I can see that she tries hard to learn anew, to capture it well.”

On the other hand, we asked the members ‘What kind of artist is Sua’.

“Sua is an artist with a lot of passion and talent. She makes her own choreography, can write lyrics and compose songs, does well on variety shows, and is a walking ‘well-rounded entertainer’. The fact that she knows what she’s good at and uses it well is very professional. Meanwhile she takes good care of the members like a mom, showing a side of her overflowing with humanity.” (Jiu)

“To me Sua is someone I always have fun with and communicate easily with whenever I’m with her. Because she’s a person of many talents, she knows how to do a lot of things. She’s someone you can rely on both mentally and ability-wise. A bubbly, cheerful, and cute person that our team cannot live without! Sua is that kind of person.” (Siyeon)

“She is someone who has more energy than anyone else and always brings joy to the people around her. As our team’s main dancer, not only does she dance well, but she also choreographs well, sings really well, and is a very reliable person you can learn a lot from.” (Handong)

“Sua is an artist with her own color. She is the type to always express what she wants and is assertive, so that allows her to show her colors better.” (Yoohyeon)

“Sua is an artist who has a lot of desire to grow. She knows what she wants to do and never stops improving. She’s not afraid to admit when she doesn’t know something and always asks, fearlessly challenges herself, and ends up making it her own. She knows a lot and even knows how to express it all. I’m excited to see what wider fields she will work in in the future.” (Dami)

“Sua is an artist who has overwhelming passion, confidence, and love for what she does. She works hard in everything she does and doesn’t hesitate to challenge herself in new things. Of course she also has the ability to make that new challenge her own. In that sense, she’s able to love her work even more.” (Gahyeon)

I hope my busy life right now never ends. Fans will be able to see me more often only if I keep doing things, so I wish for it to be forever.”

Finally, 10th-year girl group member Sua told us about her positive goal to become ‘a person who is not stopped by any wall and keeps going’.

“I’m a person who really loves this job. There are a lot of people who come to hate something they like doing when it becomes their job, and there are times you feel low self-esteem and think ‘what am I doing this for’. But I think only this job can make me happy. I couldn’t be happier that it has become my career.

My career is one that I need to personally keep doing things in order for it to keep going. So I want to become someone who doesn’t give in to anything and keeps going, someone who can be motivation to others and myself.

I hope my busy life right now never ends. Fans will be able to see me more often only if I keep doing things, so I wish for it to be forever.”

Source: xportsnews

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