[Idoltist] Choreographing·Youtube…Dreamcatcher Sua, what can’t she do? ②

28 May 2023

Sua, who showed talent in dancing since a young age, came to Seoul from South Gyeongsang’s city of Masan all by herself to start the trainee life. Through 5 years of training and nurturing her ability to copy choreography, Sua started thinking ‘I want to teach others choreography that I make’.

“So of course I used my members. The company suggested that I created choreography for a special clip. I had only been thinking those thoughts, but it was the company’s director that made it actually happen.”

◆ Special clip Sua & Dami ‘Havana’

“It was my first choreography so I knew there would be a lot of expectation, and as this team’s main dancer I didn’t want to make an easy dance, so I added in a lot of strange moves and practised alone.

I first realized when I was doing the ‘Havana’ dance with Dami. ‘If you’re going to teach people a dance, you have to add moves that look good when anyone does it, not just yourself.’”

 ◆ Special clip Jiu & Sua & Yoohyeon ‘Taki Taki’

“For my second choreography, I picked the members. I wanted to make a hip and hot dance for ‘Taki Taki’, so I picked members that would fit that.

The members did really well to make the choreography look good. What I also felt then was that when the people who are performing pull off the gestures and facial expressions really well, it makes it so fun for the person making the dance. ‘I see this person can pull it off like this.’ The same move can produce a variety of feelings and that in and of itself was fun.

For my first choreography, I learned that ‘I have to create a dance that suits that person’, and for the second one, I learned that ‘it can end up looking good (even differently).’”

◆ Special clip ‘COPYCAT’

After showing dances with the members, Sua prepared her first solo performance through ‘COPYCAT’. Sua received inspiration from BTS J-Hope’s solo dance for this choreography.

“I really liked it. So from then on I thought ‘everything I do turns out well’ and gained strength.

It was the result I liked the most. I still watch it even now. I think the composition was perfect. At the time our manager sent the video to our group chat, and Yoohyeon said ‘This dance is totally my style. I want to do it too’. When the members say that they want to do it themselves too, I feel like I created it really well.”

◆ Dreamcatcher B-side ‘Red Sun’

Up until then Sua had only been choreographing for special clips, but after choreographing for Dreamcatcher’s B-side song ‘Red Sun’, she showed her choreography on music shows as well.

“It was so fascinating. I was happy even just having the members dance to choreography that I created, but when the music show MC introduced our song by saying ‘Sua’s choreography,’ I felt so good.

From then on I’ve been wanting to choreograph for our title songs as well. My next goal is higher, so I have to do as much research to reach that point.”

◆ Special clip Sua & CLC Seungyeon ‘Tadow’

“There were a lot of fans asking for a collaboration with another company’s artist, and coincidentally Seungyeon was doing a program that released a video every month. We had been saying ‘let’s film a dance video together’ for about a year and half, and we felt that ‘now is that time’ so we created a dance together and uploaded it.

It was a choreography with a different vibe compared to our group’s concept, so it was fun. I felt that ‘it is nice to do a variety of dances’, ‘I like dances that are not confined to one thing.’”

Starting with special clips all the way to Dreamcatcher’s group choreography, Sua has even started creating her own Youtube content. Through Dreamcatcher’s Youtube channel, Sua releases her personal vlog called ‘Sua’s Private Life’ that she films and edits herself.

“It’s nice for the company to edit for me, but they have so much to do including group videos and the other members’ personal vlogs. In that way if one person does everything, all the members’ personal vlogs start to have the same vibe.

I definitely had my own style. No captions and fast cuts, to me it felt very easy to watch. So I felt like it was a good idea to edit the videos that I took in my own style. I think I challenged myself to this for practice since I want to open up my own Youtube channel later.

At first I started it fearlessly, but it turns out there’s a lot to do. I have to write all the captions with correct spacing and grammar. After one or two videos, I started to get tired of it. (laughs) So I started doing it all at once right before the deadline.”

When the members say that they want to do it themselves too, I feel like I created it really well.

Although Sua makes the content on her own, currently ‘Sua’s Personal Life’ is taking a break. “I filmed a lot of vlogs when we went on tour. It’s not a vlog I usually film, so the content and flow becomes repetitive. So I realized I needed to take a break.

Even so, in the future I will keep doing them. Because I bought an editing app. In order to do it, I even bought an Apple Pencil and keyboard. (laugh) I’m the type of person who needs to start something the moment I think of it, so I immediately bought them.”

To ease the absence of ‘Sua’s Personal Life’, Sua recently started filming a CeCi Korea content called ‘Solution Sua’. Sua says “if I keep doing things like this one by one, later on when I make a Youtube channel, maybe it will just feel like a continuation,” and brings about anticipation.

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