Dreamcatcher Special Digital Single [REASON] VIBE Magazine Interview

Q. This is a ‘Special’ digital single release. What did you do to make it ‘special’?

JU: We made it special by making it about the reason Dreamcatcher could exist so far. From the moment of our birth, nobody can live alone. We need the help of others, we learn from the wisdom of others, and that allows us to be part of the world. Dreamcatcher also exists thanks to the hard work of so many people and the special love given to us from the InSomnias.

SA: More than anything else, the fact that it’s a song for the InSomnias makes it special. Just imagine, someone could listen to it reminiscing over the journey we’ve been sharing. Doesn’t that make it special?

Q. The title of the song is ‘REASON’. What ‘REASON’ did you mean by it?

DC: As you can see from the line ‘Cause you are the REASON’, it means that everything we’ve been through –  Dreamcatcher’s 6th anniversary, the precious win, our contract renewals – was all for the fans. We thought it was the best way to express our gratitude.

Q. Lots of musicians express their gratitude and affection for their fans. Still, Dreamcatcher’s love for your fans seem to go a step further. What kind of bond do you have with your fans? What kind of energy do you get from them?

SY: First off, they give us the strength to go on. Also, above everything, they make us better people. When I feel how loved I am, I find myself working even harder so that I can return that love many times over.

HD: The InSomnias are more than fans to us, they’re like family. I think the love flows both ways in our case, and I know I was able to weather tough times and grow further thanks to the InSomnias.

Q. The song also commemorates your 6th anniversary. Looking back, what do you yourselves think of the last 6 years?

YH: Sometimes I was peaceful and turbulent in others, but looking back, I was braver and shone more brightly than ever before. It’s my youth itself!

DM: It was like fire. It was intense enough to burn and hurt you, but I was able to be that passionate.

GH: Lots of tough times and happy times happened in the last 6 years. But being together made me happy!

Q. During the recording, how did each member interpret their part to bring out their own charm?

SY: Personally, I got lots of parts that stretch outwards. So I vowed to use energetic rock vocal tones. It’s been a while since I used my head voice this much, so it was fun. Plus, since this is a fan song, I tried to sound dependable.

YH: I utilized the rock vocal tones I learned from being Dreamcatcher to the maximum, and tried to invoke the overwhelming, diverse emotions that we experienced because this is telling our own story.

Q. The powerful rock aspect is one of the elements that set Dreamcatcher apart.The new song also contains intense rock sounds. What does the rock spirit mean to Dreamcatcher?

SA: It broadened our musical horizons, and made us firmer on stage. Rock as a genre became our color, our strength – and it gives us a lot of energy on stage too.

DM: Rock spirit, to us, is the color. Every member has different music tastes, so we could mix in different genres with rock and create something uniquely ours.

Q. The song has a part that sounds like a crowd singing along to it in a rock festival. Imagine releasing a live version of the song, or performing the song with fans. How would you do it?

JU: The song is incomplete. It will only be completed when we sing it with the InSomnias in a live performance!

HD: I think it’s a song that everyone could enjoy at a concert. We would make the performance together, mixing in parts of our old choreographies!

GH: Especially for the encores. I want to sing along with everyone.

Q. Sometimes, the momentum you build up takes you to a completely different place than where you started from. As you said, as the fans are the energy source for Dreamcatcher, you could say the global fandom completes Dreamcatcher as an artist. From your current position, what is your new driving force, your goal moving forward?

SA: “Just keep it as good as it was till now” might sound bland, but even just keeping that takes a lot of effort. My goal is to keep giving people good music while communicating and supporting each other with the InSomnias – just like what we’ve done so far – for a long time to come.

SY: Thank you for that sentiment! To be honest, I don’t think our goals have changed from the beginning. Showing our fans our best selves, becoming better singers, these are dreams that don’t have an end. As always, our energy is the InSomnias, our families and the members.

GH: I want our music to console and bring happiness to lots of people.

Q. Your music videos and visual content has been very consistent and very true to your team identity. Was there something you intended to really express in this new album?

DC: Through happiness and through sadness, the InSomnias have always had our backs. Their endless love brought us this far, and the tower in the music video is an allegory of that journey. Dreamcatcher heads towards the top of the tower, and InSomnias offer to take our hands. That old friendship is symbolized by the 7 butterflies once seen in the ‘Fly High’ music video, one of our earlier songs.

Q. The great camaraderie and chemistry between Dreamcatcher members is also famous. Did you learn something again about each other or get a special story from the recording?

JU: Before the recording, we talked to each other a lot about renewing our contracts. We learned once more just how deep and firm our love for the team and for each other was through that conversation. Our unified heart really shows itself in the music, I think.

HD: In my part of the song, there’s a word that really moves me. That is ‘InSomnia’. I sang it thinking about the journey and the love we shared with the InSomnias.

YH: Before we start recording, we get to hear the song to decide on how the parts will be divided. Because our members have been together for so long, we tend to speculate and discuss which part would suit which member the best. On this album, every member showed so much growth. They were so professional, beyond my expectations. That was amazing and admirable to see.

DM: There’s a group singing part in this song. When I was in the recording booth, I was listening to the recordings of the members who did it before me, and realized how alike we sounded. They say love makes people look alike, and I wondered if our voices were getting similar too.

Q. You are about to take your next step towards your next chapter. What does Dreamcatcher have planned next and what musical direction will you take?

DC: Dreamcatcher has always tried new things and built new paths. We’ll continue to try different and new things so that we can keep bringing diverse acts forth and live up to the expectations. We will also include diverse messages in our music, continuing on our path as artists.

Source: Vibe
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