12 Oct 2022 Xportsnews “As it gets more difficult, the more we like it”…The reason for DREAMCATCHER’s ‘strong, powerful, energetic’ performance” ②

(Xports reporter Jo Hye-jin)

Proud of their unrivaled presence as the first ‘rock metal girl group’, DREAMCATCHER has continued to give fans more than what they expected with strong concepts following strong concepts. They said, “The harder it gets (on stage), the more the audience loves it.” It was probably the reason why they had no choice but to give it all in their performance.   

DREAMCATCHER (JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon) debuted as the first rock metal genre girl group and built their own position. In their recently released 7th mini-album ‘Apocalypse : Follow us’ on the 11th, again they showed ‘rock metal’, which had become the team’s signature. When asked whether it reflects the members’ taste, Gahyeon said, “(This genre) has a strong image, so we worried a lot in the beginning. Since it was unfamiliar, we thought ‘how should we do it?’ but as we’re promoting as DREAMCATCHER, we got better at it,” she told us sincerely.

Dami added, “It wasn’t easy for the group to do rock metal. We had a lot of concerns, about whether to go for a more public-friendly song or keep the original concept. But we think the direction we’ve been pursuing and rock metal fit together, so we pushed forward.” She also said, “Because of that, there are people who think of us when they hear songs with guitar sounds, and I could confidently think ‘we’re pushing forward (with the genre) well,” the reason why they insisted on the rock metal genre was also revealed. 

Every promotional activity, DREAMCATCHER’s music and performance evoke ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ feelings. When asked if it was beyond their power to express a different intensity every time, “Even if it’s beyond our power, I think our songs are the kind of songs that can express it naturally,” Dami said, which got other members to relate to it. “When I’m having a hard time on stage that even a genuine scowl would appear, I want it to look like I’m really immersed in it, and I’m expressing the song really well. But even if it’s hard, there’s joy in it too. There are people who love it when we’re going harder, so we can’t stop,” she added cheekily with a laugh.

As a result of maintaining one concept with perseverance, DREAMCATCHER has dedicated fans all over the world. Following their overseas tours, by looking at the size of the concert halls that are gradually expanding, they realize their rising popularity. “Because of the pandemic (Covid-19), after a really long time, we got to go for a US tour. I was worried that they would forget about us, but the scale (of the concert) got even bigger and since it’s been a while, we had more fun talking on stage,” Siyeon said. “I was proud to feel that we had grown a lot and attracted many people during the two or three years when the pandemic was going on,” she added.

They are also the first Korean artist to be invited to Primavera Sound in Spain, one of the biggest music festivals in the world. After coming back from Primavera Sound, Dami said, “The mindset for having a concert has changed. I think I learned how to have more fun with the fans,” Integrating it in the recently completed world tour, “I was able to show a concert that has grown one step further,” she expressed her thoughts about the tour.

“Even though it’s been a really long time since we last had a US tour, we performed at 10 stops. In order to spice it up and make it more fun, we changed our setlist and cheered each other while discussing our opinions together,” SuA added a behind-the-scenes story about the tour.

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