09 Jul 2020 XSportsnews: 6 Impressive Girl Group Song Lyrics in the First Half of 2020 [K-POP Focus]

As written in the title, we collected six impressive girl group songs from the first half of this year.


  1. Must be a song released in the first half of this year
  2. Select only one song per group
  3. The selection criteria are at the discretion of reporters(meaning 100% in charge)


The rules are as shown above, and is written by the name of the group → song name → album name → album release date. 


Dreamcatcher ‘Scream’ (‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language ’ / 2020.02.18.)


Lyricist: LEEZ, Ollounder, 김보은(Jam factory)

Composer: LEEZ, Ollounder

Music Arrangement: LEEZ, Ollounder


“Even though I swallow rising thirst You say hypocrisy is all my fault”


The members of Dreamcatcher said it was not a song that attacked the malicious commenters, but it is a perfect song to snipe at malicious comments.


In a broad sense, it is a cry for people who hurt people with words, which is well represented by the color of Dreamcatcher. No matter how fantastic the concept is, I think the message has to be in touch with reality, and Dreamcatcher’s first full-length album ‘Dystopia: The Tree of Language’ and the title track ‘Scream’ have done it.


The above-mentioned lyrics say, “Even though I swallow rising thirst You say hypocrisy is all my fault” The lyrics are the key reason for this selection. 


Even defensive action is hypocritical, the lyrics are aimed exactly at sarcastic people, so it was given high marks.




tvX Lee Jeong-beom (leejb@xportsnews.com)

Translation by 7-Dreamers Adri
Please do not take translation without credit

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