[TRANS] 170731 SuA’s 200 Day Anniversary Letter

To. Our fans who I cherish a lot

Hello! It’s Dreamcatcher SuA~ 🙂
To commemorate the 200th day, I wrote a handwritten letter~
I couldn’t read my letter to you at the fanmeeting, so I was sad, but I was crying so much so I don’t think I would have been able to speak! For 200 days, we made a lot of memories and did our activities, but it wasn’t difficult or daunting, and you were always reliably beside us, so thank you~
Rather than daunting stages, we did more awesome stages, and you cheered loudly for us in a one-sided way, so pretty!!!
And our fans who couldn’t see us in person but cheered from far away, we love you. Now we have started ‘Fly High’ promotions, so we can see each other often and communicate a lot!! Whenever, wherever, no matter what, it will happen, so we are always nervous. But int hat moment, when we enjoy it earnestly, let’s make them very good days together.
Our fans are so kind and pure. […] I will grow into an awesome singer you can be proud of!!
Do you believe us!! I believe in you!! Let’s go, let’s go!!
I love you, and I will love you in the future. Ki~ss, I love you_!

From. SuA who is looking at letters!

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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