[TRANS] Happyface Entertainment name change to Dreamcatcher Company

Dreamcatcher Jiu “Agency’s name changed, Happyface → Dreamcatcher Company”


Jiu from girl group Dreamcatcher revealed that their agency changed name from Happyface Entertainment to Dreamcatcher Company.


Jiu talked about that at Dreamcatchers’ release showcase for their fourth mini album ‘The End of Nightmare’, which was held in Gangnam-gu, Seoul in the afternoon of the 13th.


On that day, Jiu said “Our agency changed name from Happyface Entertainment to Dreamcatcher Company. We know that that is a change that means they’re supporting us a bit more”


She added: “So even though there is a burden to it, too, we work hard on our promotions to be suitable for the company’s name. I hope that you will watch us.”


Dreamcatchers’ nightmare that started January 13th, 2017 captured the world while going through several changes from Prequel to modern times. Dreamcatcher are wrapping up their nightmare series with this album.


Dreamcatchers’ new song ‘PIRI’ displays modern peoples’ feelings of wanting to break free from the lonelyness and anxiety of being left by oneself. In the lyrics, they are articulating their SOS signal through the matter of the ‘PIRI’, and the melody line, that is repeated with ear-catching flute and whistle sounds, stands out.


Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher revealed their fourth mini album ‘The End of Nightmare’ on the 13th¹ at 6pm KST on various online music steaming sites.



¹ = original wrongly says “14th”


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original source: starnews

[ARTICLE TRANS] Dreamcatcher, releasing new song to celebrate second debut anniversary


Dreamcatcher, releasing new song to celebrate second debut anniversary


Girl group Dreamcatcher are releasing a new song for their fans to mark their second debut anniversary.

On the 8th of January, Dreamcatcher’s agency Happyface Entertainment mentioned on the side that Dreamcatcher are going to release a new song for their debut anniversary on the 13th of January.

A source from the agency explained: “This new song has been prepared for fanclub InSomnia and contains Dreamcatcher’s characteristic and strong charms, pursuing a base of metal-rock sound music.”

Dreamcatcher debuted January 2017 and is showing music and performances with the topic ‘nightmare’. Besides releasing a new song for their second debut anniversary, they are spending their days busily, preparing for a comeback.


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original source: CBS노컷뉴스

[INFO] Dreamcatcher Japanese album – 21 Nov 2018

Where to buy Dreamcatcher's Japanese Albums (CD + DVD)

label/distributor: Pony Canyon

First Press Limited Edition A [CD + DVD]

M1.What-Japanese Ver.-
M2.Chase Me-Japanese ver.-

What-Japanese Ver.- Music Video
What-Japanese ver.- Making

First Press Limited Edition B [CD + DVD]

M1.What-Japanese Ver.-
M2.Chase Me-Japanese ver.-

"WELCOME TO THE DREAM WORLD in ToKyo" Concert footage
M3.Which a Star
M4.Chase Me
M5.Good Night
M6.Full Moon

CD: 'What' + 'Chase Me'
DVD: 'What' MV + Making
CD: 'What' + 'Chase Me'
DVD: Concert Footage
Pony Canyon ✔ CD
✖ Photocard
✔ CD
✖ Photocard
Amazon Japan ✔ CD
✖ Photocard
✔ CD
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Tower Records ✔ CD
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Yahoo Japan ✔ CD
✖ Photocard
✔ CD
✖ Photocard
CD Japan ✔ CD
✖ Photocard
✔ CD
✖ Photocard
Regular Edition [CD only]

M1.What-Japanese Ver.-
M2.Chase Me-Japanese ver.-
M3.I Miss You
[Additional Japanese original song + Photocard x1 (8 versions in total)] - This is limited to the first prints of the Normal Edition.

*'I Miss You' will only be available in this version.
*The version that will be sold on 11/21 will not contain the special photocard.
*Please note that only the selling channels that specify the CD containing a 'special gift' will come with photocards. If there is no specification, the initial preorders may have been filled up, therefore changing the description to not state it (the CDs will hence, not contain the additional gift). Do be careful when you order the CDs especially if you want the photocard!

CD: 'What' + 'Chase Me' + 'I Miss you'
Pony Canyon  ✔ CD
Amazon Japan ✔ CD
Photocard - not specified
Tower Records ✔ CD
✔✖ Photocard
*Photocard will only be included if it is specified on the product page that the album includes the additional special gift!
✔✖ Photocard
*Photocard will only be included if it is specified on the product page that the album includes the additional special gift!
Yahoo Japan ✔ CD
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CD Japan ✔ CD
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Dreamcatcher Official Japanese Debut Announcement

Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) Official Japanese Debut Announcement


K-POP Girl Group Dreamcatcher which has been attracting attention worldwide with its metal rock sound and overwhelming performance, will make its official debut in Japan on the 21st of November (Wednesday) with ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘. In addition, local events have been decided to celebrate this.

Dreamcatcher debuted in January 2017 with a ‘Nightmare’ concept with rock sound, and created a unique position within K-POP, portraying dynamic performances and a unique world view. And with each single and mini album, they have expanded their boundaries and imprinted their presence all over the world. Dreamcatcher’s ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘ is the Japanese version of the title song from their 3rd mini album「Alone in The City」which was released in Korea in September this year, its music video has surpassed 1.3 million views on YouTube, and it is receiving a heated response. Also, the Japanese version of their Korean debut single ‘Chase Me’ and an original Japanese song ‘I Miss You’ will be included in the regular edition. In addition to the special DVD, the first limited edition A includes the music video of ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘ and precious making videos of the jacket photoshoot & music video shoot. The first limited edition B contains a variety of contents such as「”WELCOME TO THE DREAM WORLD” WORLD TOUR “TOKYO”」digest video at Akasaka BLITZ, when its debut in Japan was announced back in July this year.

In particular, local visits to celebrate their Japanese debut will be held in Tokyo and Osaka in late October.


■■ Dreamcatcher/Japan Debut Single「What-Japanese ver.-」

■■ Release Date:21st November 2018 (Wednesday)

■■ Contents

■ First Limited Edition A [CD+DVD]:¥1,800[tax in]/PCCA.04726
[CD]M1.What-Japanese Ver.-/M2.Chase Me-Japanese ver.-
[DVD]What-Japanese Ver.- Music Video/What-Japanese ver.-Making Video

■ First Limited Edition B [CD+DVD]:¥2,300[tax in]/PCCA.04727
[CD]M1.What -Japanese ver.-/M2.Chase Me -Japanese ver.-

M1.YOU AND I/M2.FLY HIGH/M3.Which a Star/M4.Chase Me/M5.Good Night/M6.Full Moon

■ Regular Edition [CD only]:¥1,200[tax in]/PCCA.04728
[CD] M1.What-Japanese ver.-/M2.Chase Me-Japanese ver.-/M3.I Miss You
[Benefits(※Limited Production) ] 1 Trading card(8 kinds total)

■■ Korean 3rd Mini Album「Alone in The City」Release Celebration Event

・23 October(Tuesday)Tokyo

・24 October(Wednesday)Chiba

・25 October(Thursday)Tokyo

・27 October(Saturday)Tokyo

・28 October(Sunday)Osaka


※There will be a separate announcement later on the sale of goods and event details.

source: official fancafe announcement

Dreamcatcher, returns after South America·US activities “Preparing for new album”

image credit: Ten Asia DB

Group Dreamcatcher has returned to the country from their South America tour and activities in America to prepare for a new album.

According to Happy Face Entertainment, Dreamcatcher will return to Korea in the early morning of the 15th via Incheon International Airport. Having left on the 25th the previous month to South America to tour 5 cities as well as opening for KCON in Los Angeles, they have returned after 20 days.  

Their South America tour this time was realized through MyMusicTaste at the fan’s invitation. For their last stop at Panama City, Dreamcatcher’s performance was even attended by the Portuguese Ambassador.

After the tour, Dreamcatcher left for America to attend KCON. They performed ‘You & I’, ‘Goodnight’ and more for their live stages and of course participated in activities such as fansigning, beauty booth, dance workshop and others.

According to a fan who came from Chicago (Alex Muncy), “I have fallen for Dreamcatcher’s unique aura and explosive energy. Being able to meet them like this in front of my eyes, I honestly still cannot believe it” and added ‘I will anticipate the day where there will be a tour scheduled for American Insomnias (Dreamcatcher’s fanclub)’.

Dreamcatcher, who returned to the country, will take a short break and will meet the fans with a new album of nightmare.

According to Happy Face Entertainment, “Through this tour, Dreamcatcher has once again experienced the love from North and South America fans. To meet everyone’s concern sent to us, we will increasingly do our best. Please anticipate a lot for a new Dreamcatcher’s story”.


original article: ten asia

FAQ: Dream of US in LA Fanmeeting



Q: Where do we buy tickets?
A: The link to order tickets is on our website. We will also tweet the link once ticket sales open.

We will open up the registration to purchase the tickets Friday at exactly 10AM PST. Please note while we try to accommodate everyone’s requests, we aim to be fair and provide a first come, first served basis for those wishing to participate in this event.

Q: Which is in front, seating or standing tickets? Will both seated and standing fans get to participate in the fansign?
A: Seated section is located at the front and the standing section is located behind the seated section. Both sections will be able to participate in the fansign.

Q: Can I get a refund if I have bought the tickets but am unable to make it?
A: This is a strictly “No Refunds” event.

Q: Can I order a ticket for a friend?
A: You can! However you will need to fill in a new separate form as you can only get 1 ticket per form entry. You will need your friend’s email, full name and whether or not they own an album to be signed.

Q: When/how will we get our ticket?
A: After filling out the google form and completing the payment you will get a confirmation mail, which you are to bring to the venue on the day of the fanmeet. You will get a wristband which will give you entry to the fansign.

Q: Are the seats assigned?
There are no assigned seats, seating is first come first served at the venue. There will be a number on your first mail, however this is for our admins’ convenience and does not correspond to a fansign/chair number.

Q: How much time will we get to interact with the members?
A: You will receive enough time to have your album/poster signed and to say a quick greeting to the members. This is subject to change under HFE’s consent.

Q: Can I bring my fanart to show to dreamcatcher?
A: Yes, you may bring your fanart as a gift but please bear in mind that they will not be able to receive any gifts larger than letters due to flight constraints.

Q: Are we allowed to bring a DSLR camera?
A: You may bring your camera but we strictly do not allow monopods/tripods as those may be an obstruction for the walkways/block the view of other fans. We also will not allow photography while you are at the table for the fansign. Failure to comply may risk your access being revoked and you will be asked to leave the premises.

Q: Are we allowed to take pics while waiting in line?
A: Yes, you may. However, if you are holding up the line and told by the staff to stop, please do so or you may risk your access being revoked and you will be asked to leave the premises.

Q: My flight lands at xx:xx in LAX, is it okay to get there late?
A: We encourage fans to be at the venue before 11am so the event can start in time. The fansign will start at 11am sharp and the doors will be open till 11.10am. No re-entry will be allowed. 

The second entry will be 12pm sharp for those who are arriving late due to flight issues. We will not open the doors at any other point in time for any other reasons. You have to present a flight ticket proof at the doors during the second entry. If you fail to arrive or present your flight ticket proof before the stated time, you will be denied entry. Note that traffic in LA around that time (especially from the airport) is really heavy so take that into account as you will have to be at the venue before 12pm to be able to enter.

Please also take note that if you purchased a ticket for the seated section, it will automatically be converted to the standing section due to lateness.

We would personally recommend changing your flight (if possible) if you want to be sure of being able to participate in the events. If you arrive late to the event you forfeit access to any event that has already happened (eg. If the fansign is over, you will not be allowed to get anything signed). 7DREAMERS cannot refund your ticket if you miss the fansign.

Q: How early will we be able to line up?
A: You may start forming a line at any point of time as long as you are not blocking the entrance into the venue. Our admins will provide instructions on the day of the event. **Please take note that we will be allowing the ones in the seated section to enter first to ensure a smooth flow during the process.**

Q: Is it just a regular fansign or is it comparable to a korean one where there are other events ?
A: The fanmeet’s aim is for you to be able to greet them for a short moment while getting your album signed. Unlike Korean fansigns, you are discouraged from engaging in a lengthy conversation with the members. Failure to comply may risk your access being revoked and you will be asked to leave the premises. As for other events, we will release more info on this once tickets have been sold as it depends heavily on how many InSomnia will be present for the fanmeet and how much time will be left after the fansigning.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us at @7_DREAMERS on twitter or at seven7dreamers@gmail.com

Dream of US in LA: dreamcatcher first US fanmeet


Dreamcatcher first US fanmeet

Dreamcatcher will hold their first US fanmeet in LA!

When: Friday August 10th, from 11am to 1pm
Where: A-list Music & Co, 423 E. Washington BLVD. LA, CA
– 125 seated tickets (on sale Friday July 27th, 10am PST)
– standing tickets (on sale Sunday July 29th, 10am PST)


Order your tickets here



  • ALBUM VERSION ($30):
    If you own any dreamcatcher album, please bring it to the fanmeet to get it signed.
    If you do not own a dreamcatcher album, we will provide you with a small poster to be signed.

Fill out the google form to order your ticket. If you want multiple tickets you will have to fill out multiple forms (each with name of the person who the ticket is for).
Payment will be done via Paypal only. Please pay the correct amount when ordering your ticket. After completing the google form you will get a confirmation mail, which will give you access to the fanmeet.

Note that no refunds will be given once you have transferred the money.

125 Seated tickets will go on sale Friday the 27th of July at 10am PST.
Standing tickets will go on sale afterwards, on Sunday 29th of July at 10am PST.

For more info check our FAQ.



  • Please be on time for the event. We will not allow entry 10 minutes after the event has started.
  • No outside food and drinks allowed at the event (water is ok).
  • Don’t record any conversations you have with the artist while you are at the signing table.
  • Don’t take selfies with the members while you are at the signing table.
  • You are only allowed one Dreamcatcher item to be signed (either your own album, or a poster provided by us). For albums, you can only get the cover signed due to the time constraint.
  • If you did not purchase a poster and do not have an album, you will not be allowed to join the fansign. However, any possible extra posters will be on sale, subject to availability.
  • Mind your manners and be respectful with the other fans, staff and the artist. Listen to the staff in order to have the fansign run as smoothly as possible.
  • Please be nice with the artist even if she is not your bias.
  • No re-entry before fansign has ended.
  • You may bring letters for the members but no gifts as they will be unable to bring them back to Korea.



  • Weapons/sharp objects of any kind
  • Alcoholic drinks or any intoxicating liquor
  • Any illegal substances such as drugs
  • Monopods, tripods, or chairs of any type
  • Banners larger than A3 size
  • Confetti, glitter, fireworks or any other type of pyrotechnics
  • Air horns, megaphones, whistles or any noise making devices
  • Pets (with the exception of service animals)

*All items brought into the venue are subject to search
**Any violation of the rules and regulations may result in revoked access to the event.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us at @7_DREAMERS on twitter or at seven7dreamers@gmail.com