[TRANS] 170731 Ji-U’s 200 Day Anniversary Letter

To. Our fans I cherish a lot

2, 3! Kiss, dream of me~ Hello, it’s Ji-U^^
This year we debuted on January 13th, and until now, we’ve almost had no break, and we keep promoting, it’s already July 31….
It’s our 200th day~!! Because we’ve been promoting hard like this, we’ve become closer with you all! We’ve become affectionate, so I’m happy
Our fans who support us in person and fans who earnestly support us from afar, you are so reliable ^.^ 
A taste to be a singer! It’s me, ahahaha. You give me plenty of strength like this, so I will give you plenty as well. It’s a pro~mise~ ^o^
I want you to be more proud to be a Dreamcatcher fan! I will try a lot harder for that~ ^^
Ji-U will do well ^^ Euheungheunghehe, let’s go longer~ a long, long~ long time
I’ll always tell you! I cherish you a lot~~
And thank you~

-Dreamcatcher Ji-U-

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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