[TRANS] 170731 Siyeon’s 200 Day Anniversary Letter

To. Our pretty fans

Hello? It’s your Siyeon, keke
Today is our 200th day, clap clap clap!
I couldn’t read my letter to you at the fanmeeting, I don’t know how disappointing it was ㅠ But I can write you a handwritten letter like this, so I’m relieved ^^
Honestly, I think more than 200 days has passed. From that time to this album, we released three albums, and there are a lot of memories from that
But it’s still not enough. Please stay together for life.
Our fans who are here and like us, I can always enjoy life and be happy because you’re here! My heart that likes you is growing bigger….kekeke
Ah, the letter, more and more ^^ Showing the appearance of confession… ㅠㅠ Please understand!!
Always take care of your health, let’s make a lot of happy memories together! I love you!
Again, congrats on Dreamcatcher’s 200th day!

-Dreamcatcher Siyeon-

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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