[TRANS] 170509 SuA Fancafe Update – Kekeke Hah It’s SuA

Hello! You guys~ It’s SuA~!
Did you see my solo broadcast?! We communicated alone together for one hour
It was my first time so I was nervous and shaking ㅠㅠ
I tried making food I had never made before, but who makes it well from the first time? hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
This time I made it like this, so next time I’ll fill in the gaps when I make it, hehehehehe
Gradually the visuals were a little…like that
Even so, the taste was fine, so I ate it all deliciously!! 
Because of the people that were worried about me getting hurt, I didn’t get hurt and finished safely~!
Doing two things at once all by myself was very spirit-taking….
I just had fun doing it, and you guys had fun watching it, so I’m satisfied!
You guys said it was fun, I cut it like that deliberately
When I looked awkward, it was a mission success^*^
Next time if I have the opportunity to cook, I would like to feed the members with a meal I cooked well, kekeke
It was a method my mom taught me.. Kekekeke, I’m sorry, mom, kekekekeke
And I saw the appearance of our fan manager unnie who took a full bite without running away
I was happy, kekekeke. I would like to give my infinite thanks to the two fan manager unnies who prepared the cooking materials!! Clap clap
Ah!! And I feel like I couldn’t read a lot of comments, so it was unfortunate
But I hope a time where we can share a conversation will appear quickly, hehe
When I check the comments again, I will read them all!!!!!!!
Thank you for having fun watching today’s broadcast
You must eat your meals, don’t skip
The outside air is not good, so be sure to wear a mask before going out
Please watch our next V App broadcasts
The people who couldn’t watch Ssua’s broadcast, please watch again~
I got burned, it was really hot
I will never burn down the dorm
So! I will go check the video again, kekekeke
Everyone, thank you~~~!!! I love you

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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