[TRANS] 170506 Dami Fancafe Update – Did you come secretly?

Hello! It’s Dami!
Today I did my individual V App broadcast?! Hehe, it was for a whole hour
I went to the COEX c-festival!!!! I didn’t speak until the end, but, hehe
Honestly when it’s my first time planning, I thought of assembling something or putting together a puzzle.
With a spirit of being the same exact inventor?!
But once I start those kinds of things, it’s my personality to not get up until the end..
Maybe something else is missing? I tried to find something but I heard there was a festival at that time!
No, this is some destiny
Honestly I wanted to go more because of the food hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
So I went today
Tomorrow will be the last day so there are a lot of people
There were a ton of people watching performances, eating food, etc!!
I heard there was something called One Piece meat and I was very jealous of the people going, but the line was very long!!!
It was very windy, so it was chilly, but it was great
A little review from the people who went…kekekekekeke
It was my first time going to that kind of festival, so I was curious, so I want to go more, so I made the staff very tired
Because I went in person, it was a new experience, so it was fun!!!
I think I want to go to a lot of different festivals, outdoor performances, or concerts


There’s a lot of dust in the air, so put on a mask before you go out
You guys, it’s essential!!
So, bye~

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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