[TRANS] 170512 Ji-U Fancafe Update – Hahaha

Honeyyy hehehe, did you get home alright??
I got home, hehe, because I parted ways with you honey
I’m lonely ㅠㅠ Are you also lonely, honey???
Honey, because of that I think of you, I want to think like that
When you ask why, it’s because you’re the answer??
Today I learned a lot about you, so it’s good, hehe
I know more about us, and do you feel like we got closer?
It feels like our love advanced


You were really funny, kekekeke, in our situation it’s a love fight? 도하고, keke
I think we brought up a lot of things in one hour
Heuheuheu, honey, you give me a lot of love like this so I did an exclusive V App broadcast. We did a date together and I’m very happy?

In the future, let’s share many feelings like today
It will be a lot, but let’s get closer and love each other, ok??
You’re the only one for me, honey????

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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