[TRANS] 170504 Gahyeon Fancafe Update – Hello Today

Hello~~>< I’m Gahyeon, hehekekeke What is everyone doing this holiday??? Of course!! I’m planning on practicing and taking care of myself! And this weekend there’s also a music broadcast! But are the workers resting today??Keke Just suddenly I was curious..Hehe? Ah, right! I usually follow my mom to the polls to vote, but this time I followed the unnies. I’m still not of the age where I can cast my vote, but I saw my unnies voting, so something was a new feeling! Next time when I’m old enough, I’ll bring my ID card to cast my vote ?? Of course, did you guys go to vote?? People who are living in neighborhoods where they aren’t registered can go to the ballot site tomorrow, or please cast your precious vote on May 9th! ?

Ah!!! And I thought of something! Did you happen to see Ji-u unnie’s story on Sing unnie’s broadcast? As always, isn’t she like a leader? Keke

?? I heard that story and didn’t know why I cried.. kekeke So I didn’t tell unnie but it wasn’t a secret that I cried…!! Kekeke, I told you earlier but the daytime-nighttime difference is big, so unnies, oppas, little siblings!! Don’t catch a cold and don’t get sick, promise me you won’t❤️ Tomorrow is Children’s Day but we are all playing!!! I want to continue being a kid… Keep being a kid!!!!!!!? So I will come later~~~Bye^3^

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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