FAQ: Dream of US in LA Fanmeeting



Q: Where do we buy tickets?
A: The link to order tickets is on our website. We will also tweet the link once ticket sales open.

We will open up the registration to purchase the tickets Friday at exactly 10AM PST. Please note while we try to accommodate everyone’s requests, we aim to be fair and provide a first come, first served basis for those wishing to participate in this event.

Q: Which is in front, seating or standing tickets? Will both seated and standing fans get to participate in the fansign?
A: Seated section is located at the front and the standing section is located behind the seated section. Both sections will be able to participate in the fansign.

Q: Can I get a refund if I have bought the tickets but am unable to make it?
A: This is a strictly “No Refunds” event.

Q: Can I order a ticket for a friend?
A: You can! However you will need to fill in a new separate form as you can only get 1 ticket per form entry. You will need your friend’s email, full name and whether or not they own an album to be signed.

Q: When/how will we get our ticket?
A: After filling out the google form and completing the payment you will get a confirmation mail, which you are to bring to the venue on the day of the fanmeet. You will get a wristband which will give you entry to the fansign.

Q: Are the seats assigned?
There are no assigned seats, seating is first come first served at the venue. There will be a number on your first mail, however this is for our admins’ convenience and does not correspond to a fansign/chair number.

Q: How much time will we get to interact with the members?
A: You will receive enough time to have your album/poster signed and to say a quick greeting to the members. This is subject to change under HFE’s consent.

Q: Can I bring my fanart to show to dreamcatcher?
A: Yes, you may bring your fanart as a gift but please bear in mind that they will not be able to receive any gifts larger than letters due to flight constraints.

Q: Are we allowed to bring a DSLR camera?
A: You may bring your camera but we strictly do not allow monopods/tripods as those may be an obstruction for the walkways/block the view of other fans. We also will not allow photography while you are at the table for the fansign. Failure to comply may risk your access being revoked and you will be asked to leave the premises.

Q: Are we allowed to take pics while waiting in line?
A: Yes, you may. However, if you are holding up the line and told by the staff to stop, please do so or you may risk your access being revoked and you will be asked to leave the premises.

Q: My flight lands at xx:xx in LAX, is it okay to get there late?
A: We encourage fans to be at the venue before 11am so the event can start in time. The fansign will start at 11am sharp and the doors will be open till 11.10am. No re-entry will be allowed. 

The second entry will be 12pm sharp for those who are arriving late due to flight issues. We will not open the doors at any other point in time for any other reasons. You have to present a flight ticket proof at the doors during the second entry. If you fail to arrive or present your flight ticket proof before the stated time, you will be denied entry. Note that traffic in LA around that time (especially from the airport) is really heavy so take that into account as you will have to be at the venue before 12pm to be able to enter.

Please also take note that if you purchased a ticket for the seated section, it will automatically be converted to the standing section due to lateness.

We would personally recommend changing your flight (if possible) if you want to be sure of being able to participate in the events. If you arrive late to the event you forfeit access to any event that has already happened (eg. If the fansign is over, you will not be allowed to get anything signed). 7DREAMERS cannot refund your ticket if you miss the fansign.

Q: How early will we be able to line up?
A: You may start forming a line at any point of time as long as you are not blocking the entrance into the venue. Our admins will provide instructions on the day of the event. **Please take note that we will be allowing the ones in the seated section to enter first to ensure a smooth flow during the process.**

Q: Is it just a regular fansign or is it comparable to a korean one where there are other events ?
A: The fanmeet’s aim is for you to be able to greet them for a short moment while getting your album signed. Unlike Korean fansigns, you are discouraged from engaging in a lengthy conversation with the members. Failure to comply may risk your access being revoked and you will be asked to leave the premises. As for other events, we will release more info on this once tickets have been sold as it depends heavily on how many InSomnia will be present for the fanmeet and how much time will be left after the fansigning.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us at @7_DREAMERS on twitter or at seven7dreamers@gmail.com

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