Dreamcatcher 3rd Anniversary Project


We are increasing our Dreamcatcher 3rd Anniversary Project size! In addition to the Rice Wreath, we are adding in a Charity Donation and a Message Book! We are working together with Korean fanbase: Team Emotion!

If you want to support this project please donate to our Paypal:


Any and all donations are extremely appreciated! Remember the donation deadline is December 20!

Before, we mentioned we were doing a Rice Wreath project and we still are! With this project, rice will be donated, in Dreamcatcher’s name, to people in need. The organization will decide who receives the rice donation.

7Dreamers feels that mental health needs to be taken more seriously. We want to show our support and spread awareness. For our 2nd project, we decided to support to a Korean Suicide Prevention organization in Dreamcatcher’s honor:


Our last project is a Message Book! We are compiling messages for Dreamcatcher so we can gift them a book of their fan’s supportive comments! Please send your message here if you want it in the book:


This is open for everybody! Deadline is December 13!

For those who are wondering who Team Emotion is, they are a Korean fanbase who are dedicated to supporting Dreamcatcher, that have reached out to us to do the first collaboration with International and Korean fanbases. We are extremely pleased to be working with them!


For Dreamcatcher’s 3rd Anniversary we are funding a Rice Wreath in their honor that will be given to people in need. We also plan on doing more for their anniversary depending on the amount of donations received. Stay tuned for more announcements!

Any and all donations are appreciated! Please donate using the link bellow to support this project:


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