[TRANS] Happyface Entertainment name change to Dreamcatcher Company

Dreamcatcher Jiu “Agency’s name changed, Happyface → Dreamcatcher Company”


Jiu from girl group Dreamcatcher revealed that their agency changed name from Happyface Entertainment to Dreamcatcher Company.


Jiu talked about that at Dreamcatchers’ release showcase for their fourth mini album ‘The End of Nightmare’, which was held in Gangnam-gu, Seoul in the afternoon of the 13th.


On that day, Jiu said “Our agency changed name from Happyface Entertainment to Dreamcatcher Company. We know that that is a change that means they’re supporting us a bit more”


She added: “So even though there is a burden to it, too, we work hard on our promotions to be suitable for the company’s name. I hope that you will watch us.”


Dreamcatchers’ nightmare that started January 13th, 2017 captured the world while going through several changes from Prequel to modern times. Dreamcatcher are wrapping up their nightmare series with this album.


Dreamcatchers’ new song ‘PIRI’ displays modern peoples’ feelings of wanting to break free from the lonelyness and anxiety of being left by oneself. In the lyrics, they are articulating their SOS signal through the matter of the ‘PIRI’, and the melody line, that is repeated with ear-catching flute and whistle sounds, stands out.


Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher revealed their fourth mini album ‘The End of Nightmare’ on the 13th¹ at 6pm KST on various online music steaming sites.



¹ = original wrongly says “14th”


please do not take translation without credit


original source: starnews

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