25 Dec 2020 Melon Magazine: Top 10 Kpop Songs of 2020

#Dreamcatcher ‘Scream’
When we view Dreamcatcher’s career as a process in which the team seeks to achieve a remarkable combination of Electronic Guitar sounds, Rock/Metal elements as well as contemporary electronic dance music and idol pop elements, it is clear that the new chapter, which began following the conclusion of the fantastic “End of Nightmare”, incorporates electronic guitar sounds, a pronounced element for the group, into the unique Dreamcatcher sound that the team has built up till now. It comes into fruition with the Diversity seen in their first studio album [Dystopia: The Tree of Language], as the lead track ‘Scream’ becomes the solid core for the album.

The beauty of “Scream” is that, above all, that the electric guitar sounds remain the primary element in the chorus, even with it being an EDM-styled ‘drop’. It serves two functions, being the rugged guitar riff as well as the beat for the drop. In this highly efficiently addictive chorus, ‘Scream’ shows off a flow that incorporates top-line melodies that accentuate the members’ strong low notes, bass instrumentals that form a firm basis for the rock sounds, as well as rhythms finely divided in three beats and off-beat rap parts spliced in at each part, not allowing the tension to abate at any moment. The result is a dense track, sharpened by applying EDM’s phraseology, that still maintains the color of intense Rock. (Na Won-Young)

Translation by 7-Dreamers Hec & Hojoon
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