170731 Dami’s 200th Day Letter

To. the fans that I >like<

Hello~ I’m Prince Dami, hehe
Is everyone eating their meals and not getting sick???
During our 200 days, every time I saw our fans sick, my heart always hurt ㅜ^ㅜ
Even so, you always worry about us first… You guys who start and end your days with Dreamcatcher!! Calling it “Dreamcatcher life”
To anyone, this kind of existence is always meaningful and happy! Because of our fans, I know one by one, heeheet
Ah, and even if you’re tired and sick, you always say it’s okay, don’t do that. Anticipating whenever, wherever!! Our precious fans are there waiting. It’s barely been 200 days but thinking of our fans and the memories of our days together, it appears to be 200 kinds of memories, will there be a day more precious than this?
I’m decisive (no) and blunt, so I can’t speak softly and what I can’t even express, this is my charm!!  Hahaha!!! It’s a joke, hehe. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!! In the future, I will not disappoint you and I’ll work hard to show you only good appearances!! (I’m also working hard on my gestures) Thank you. I like you a lot.

From. DAMI

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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