170731 Yoohyeon’s 200th Day Fancafe Letter

TO. DreamCatcher, to people who love Dreamcatcher

Hello! I’m Yoohyeon ^_^ Wow, it’s already out 200th day!
We’ve been very busy with our activities..
Keke, it’s the first time posting a handwritten letter to the official cafe like this.
Thank you so much for being together with us. Sometimes I think ‘am I qualified to receive love like this?’ Can I live up to all the live that you give? I worry a lot, but since yesterday’s fanmeeting, I think I realized. Now I don’t have those worries and I am starting to be a little better person to you guys, I want to show you a good appearance!! Thank you to our members who suffered a lot and worked hard since before our debut, and thank you to our company who have been there for us even until now. I hope I will positively impact you guys.
So I’ll always work hard and think positively!! Don’t skip your meals!! I will suddenly nag you.. keke 
Anyway, I think about you guys and love you. I really hope we don’t change. […] but please think of us sometimes!! Thank you […]
I’ll always be by your side!! I feel always thankful from you and for international fans. I hope that we can meet some day. I miss you. Thank you. All of you are my little apples

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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