[TRANS] 170731 Gahyeon’s 200 Day Anniversary Letter

To. Our Beloved Fans

Hello~ I’m Dreamcatcher’s maknae Gahyeon.
It’s already our 200th day~ yeh~~~
Yesterday our time together was not long, but we talked and the day was very good~
Honestly we did all the ‘Chase me. Good night. Fly High’ in front of you guys! But yesterday I was more shaky and nervous without knowing ㅜ.ㅜ I tried not to cry, but…Didn’t you know??? 
I said it yesterday, but whether our 200 days were short or long, thank you for being with us ;; Because you guys are here, Dreamcatcher is also here, and I’m also here ;; On stage, we can count on you to be there.
Because of our fans who are always supporting us, I think we receive a lot more strength on stage >< Us to you too! I will try to be a strength to everyone who likes me and become a singer who can show us off to different people ;;
Please try to take care of me in the future ;; Now it’s been 200 days, soon it will be a year, two years, three years…
Kiss~~~ Let’s go together. I will become Gahyeon who can always show you a good appearance…Let’s not cry and let’s have tomorrow filled with smiles ;;
I told you yesterday too, but I love you alot. And I think of you and cherish you. I love you.
-lovey Gahyeon-

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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