[TRANS] The Dream Girlgroup, Dreamcatcher’s Dreams (Interview ②)

Dreamcatcher’s name comes from the handmade decorations made by Native Americans. There are several ornaments on the net in the shape of a cobweb. The Indians believed that if they walked by this, they would catch a nightmare and have a good dreams every day.

On the 22nd of last month, yet-to-debut Dreamcatcher sat with EDaily News in Seoul for an interview, they were asked ‘What is your dream?’ The seven girls revealed seven dreams, seven goals. Here are the girls’ answers

△ Responsibility of the leader, Ji-U
“As a leader, I want Dreamcatcher to reach a number one in music broadcast shows. A girlgroup world tour doesn’t seem sucessful, but I want to break through that. I want the group to recieve a lot of love. There is also a goal to be a solo singer as well as a group. I do not want to distinguish genres such as dance or ballads. I want to show my strengths in various aspects. ”

△ ‘Masan girl’ Sua
“The title of first [best] seems greedy but, I want to gain achievement through future activities. I want to communicate with many people through concerts. I am interested in various fields such as painting, cooking, acting, singing, and dancing, and I want to be versatile enough to be called "goldsmith*” in the entertainment industry. I personally want to be successful and present my world travel rights to my parents. I am from Masan (now Changwon City) and I have been away from my parents for a long time.

△ Professor’s dream, Siyeon
“I hope Dreamcatcher will not be scattered and act consistently. I want to stand on the pulpit as an individual college professor. Since childhood, practical music and a professor were my goals. It would be great to let someone know what I know best. It will also be a chance to develop. If there is another goal, it is voice acting. I would like to participate in dubbing in animation. Actually, my mother could not achieve her dream. It would be great if I could do it as a daughter. ”

△ Handong of China
“I want to have a Dreamcatcher concert in my hometown as I come from China. Activities in Korea will take priority, but I would like to be recognized in China based on the love of Korean fans. Personally, I am greedy for musicals. I was impressed with the musical ‘Cats’ I saw in China. Since then I have been interested in vocal music and I have also learned to play. It was an opportunity to take on music. ”

△ Rapper Dami
“I am writing my own rap as a rapper. I do not have enough competency yet, but I want to announce my own song. Someday I want to be loved by releasing a song with my name. I want to experience not only Dreamcatcher but also other artists’ songs. ”

△ Free Soul, Yoohyeon
“Someday I want to just carry around my guitar and go busking all over. I have a dream to sing freely like a wanderer. In fact, when I do a girl group activity, I have to keep a fixed schedule, but I don’t want to follow that. It would be hard to do as I want with the other Dreamcatcher members. ”

△ Maknae**, Gahyeon
“I want to be in the top of music programs. I hope we recieve a lot of rewards. The seven members should each be able to master many things. I have wishes to persue acting. I want to be recognized as an actor. ”

* Lit. meaning: gold hands.  A term usually used to refer to someone who’s very skilled in crafting.
** Makdoongie. Just a cute way of saying maknae!

Source: Edaily

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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