[TRANS] Dreamcatcher “‘Minx Fans, we’re sorry’ emerging with a ‘new face'” Interview 1

The girl group who is preparing to debut, Dreamcatcher holds a burdened heart. The group’s predecessor, Minx, is sorry to their old fans. Their song ‘Chase Me’ was prepared with a complicated combination of feelings of sadness and excitement.

Dreamcatcher stated in an interview conducted by EDaily News the past month on the 22nd in Seoul, “Suddenly, the group name and member lineup had changed. We feel sorry towards Minx’s fans- but we are very thankful for the support towards Dreamcatcher.”

Dreamcatcher originally debuted as Minx in September 2014 with song ‘Why Did You Come To My Home?’, there has now been an addition of two members. The new members and new team name were announced very suddenly. Some fans expressed disappointment at the new change decided by the group’s agency. Members may have changed, but some fans still held an attachment to the name Minx.

“I wanted to sing.” Member and leader Ji-U said, holding a sorry heart for Minx fans and a strong determination for Dreamcatcher. “I was stunned when we gained new members,” she stated. “I thought, ‘Why can’t we just do well together [as Minx]?’ But, those feelings have changed. We get along with the new members well, and have a diverse performance and strong team color so I’m confident.”

“The feeling of ‘debut’ is the same for the newer members and old members because of the gap we have had.” Ji-U said. “The desire to be on stage is so strong that it’s very precious to us. There has been a strong will between the members to do well.”

The new members consists of Chinese member Handong and maknae Gahyeon. Handong came to Korea one and a half years ago, attending Sejeong University’s practical music department. 1999-liner Gahyeon was attending Hanlim Musical Arts High School auditions and was chosen as a new member.

Gahyeon stated, “I was nervous and excited to be working with the older members. Preparing for the debut didn’t seem hard thanks to them. Even during the long practice times we had fun,” she said. “While Dreamcatcher was preparing for our first album, we were in the practice room for most of the day and worked very hard. Except for when I went to sleep and used the bathroom, I was with the other members the whole time.”

Siyeon, who was been a member since Minx, said “Dreamcatcher’s five members who have had experience have been helping the two new members, I want our group to gain success with help from our old experiences.”

Dreamcatcher has a goal of being the rookie group of 2017. They have goals of winning first place on a music broadcast show. But, very unusual for a rookie girlgroup- they wish of having a world tour. “I want to be on stage all over the world,” said member Dami, with very high aspirations.

Dreamcatcher is releasing their debut album ‘Nightmare’ on the 13th, with a planned subsequent album to follow. The next album will complete the concept and the musical story of dreams.

Source: Naver

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