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Hello. Greetings from Artist Swa. (SuA)
It’s a pleasure to meet you through these new everyday toons.
We have tried to draw the ‘nightmare’ theme of each member for our debut album.
Because drawing is a hobby, please see it cutely.
First look at the picture.
I think it will be fun if you guys try to interpret it! Hehe
What did Swa express~~
So the nightmare begins~

Ji-U (A nightmare of chasing people) 

1. Ji-U who is chasing people.
2. She’s really chasing after them a lot, so she’s having a hard time (I expressed not being able to chase them through the wall)
3. During a break, she is locked in thought while looking at the sky with floating stars.
4. After seeing the stars, Ji-U’s pursues her dreams of the future.

SuA (A nightmare of not being able to move my entire body)

1. It’s a drawing that illustrates my theme.
2. People are suffering terrible nightmares.
3. SuA who is thinking after seeing the string is wondering if she can do something good.
4. SuA wraps a~lot of fans in her arms, everyone cannot get away from me!

Siyeon (A nightmare of being trapped in a confined space)

1. It’s Siyeon’s theme that someone is trapped in
2. Siyeon who enjoys trapping someone in a confined space
3. Oh my gosh? It’s a surprise to receive love from a lot of people.
4. Since receiving love, the very happy Siyeon puts love in her own space one on top of the other

Handong (A nightmare of staring at people)

1. Donggie who stares at people, her big eyes are twinkling.
2. Donggie enjoys looking at people secretly from the mirror
3. But Donggie wonders about the outside world as well, so she comes out of the mirror.
4. Handong is happy while staring with a gaze of love at the fans who waited outside for her.

Yoohyeon (A nightmare of wandering to a strange place)

1. Yoohyeon who symbolizes a tree, does she have a profound atmosphere under the tree?
2. Right away she was wandering into many people in the woods!
3. But at a meeting with Dream Catcher and fans, Yoohyeon saw the fans and had a brilliant idea!
4. Right away the fans totally wandered into Yoohyeon’s heart.

Dami (A nightmare of wounding the body)

1. She has a doll and is showing her own theme with it~
2. Oh my gosh! The dinosaurs are threatening people.
3. Dami attacked the dinosaur doll with a nail and defeated it.
4. Dami leaves to travel the world and help people in danger.

Gahyeon (A nightmare of falling from a high place)

1. Gahyeon is showing her nightmare theme.
2. Gahyeon drops people very a hi~gh place
3. After looking around, she dropped everything so there was nothing left
4. Gahyeon drops everything into the sea of her own heart, she will be by your side forever!

What did you think? Hehe
Please leave your fun interpretations in the comments~
I’m curious
And please look to find the hidden points of the drawings, hehehe
While waiting for the next one, to be continued~

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cr. 7-dreamers (Please do not remove credits)

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