[TRANS] 171005 Dami Fancafe Update – Damdamidamdamidamdamidam

Hello, it’s Dami!!! Hehe
Are you spending the long holiday well??
Are you spending the time with people you love???
I’m spending it in Japan so I can’t spend it with my family but I contact them every day and send and receive photos!
Even so, with our fans!!! I’m very happy because I get to see our fans every day
These days I’ve been caught up in reading letters written by fans again!
From letters written yesterday all the way to letters written during debut time, I’m taking them out again and reliving the memories.
So I noticed something was different. ‘Ah~ It was like that’ , ‘They liked this kind of thing’, the memories passed by like a kaleidoscope and I was thankful for every moment. There are fans who like me and support me like this.
I always think of such special days, precious days, and on the flipside, sad days. So every stage, every moment, every time I see you guys, I pledge to do my best, heheheheet. I went back to precious time that won’t return again, so you see us, and we can’t let you down!!! Even using our faces as phone backgrounds! Even going to karaoke and singing our songs!! Even wearing a t-shirt with our names on it! I will try to not embarrass you, try to be acknowledged by everyone around you, and try to be someone you can be proud of!!
And rather than think of me, please be sure to eat your meals and don’t worry, hehehehe
I’m not hurt anywhere!! I’m in the middle of reducing flour in my diet!!! A few days ago, I slept for around 12 hours and noticed my cheek fat and it seemed like I was gaining wait, so don’t even worry!!
We’re off work, and it seems like there have become a lot of fans who like my voice and rap. Oh yeahhhhh
Today, our fans who worry about us, thank you so much, and please spend the rest of the holiday happily!!
I will complete the remaining schedule in Tokyo perfectly and come back (to Korea)!!
If you think of us or miss us or dream of us, don’t forget to write a comment in the cafe~~~~~!!!! I miss you all, heehee
So, really, bye~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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