171006 Handong Fancafe Update – It’s blonde Handong!!??

Hello~~How have you guys been? Hehe
In Japan it’s almost the weekend ~^^ It’s been a while since seeing fans in Japan, so I was happy~^^ Keke, We have schedules every day, but I haven’t been tired once!! Why?!!! I’ve received a lot of love??? and.. (I can sleep while the members are wandering from our hotel keekee..? But! I missed the fans in Korea very, very much ~~~Hing.. And here I couldn’t forget to celebrate Chuseok~^^
Now promotions have ended, and while listening to the sound of rain on the way back to the hotel, I’m writing a letter to you guys who I love~^^ I’m eating many new delicious things, ah! I finally ate takoyaki!! Keke, hot hot, it was delicious~~ yum yum^u^

~~~ Ah, that’s right ! I dyed my hair~ (Now the color is getting brighter and brighter day by day) What do you think?><~~Keke
I always receive letters from you guys, but I heard you worry if I see them ~ I want to tell you to not worry Keke, there are a few words I don’t know, but even so I see them and can learn new words~~?^^ So everyone~Goodnight ~^^ miss you.

Wow, as expected, it is necessary to have a Chinese version!
Having been in Japan for one week now, how are you guys doing? I am doing very well here, because I receive a lot of love, which is so full that it overflows
Now it is the end of the stage performance, I’m on the way back to hotel, listening the rain sound outside the window and writing this letter to you guys~ It is cold recently, don’t catch a cold, it will not take long to wearing long johns. Hahaha~ These days I ate lots of delicious food, finally ate Takoyaki that I did not eat last time~ And ate authentic Szechuan Dan Dan noodle backstage~ Now my stomach is still feeling hot~^^
I was inwardly pleased because I heard people like our style, hee hee, thank you for fans who are always focused on Dreamcatcher but silently, if having chances please come and see us, I will be waiting for you, love you guys.

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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