[TRANS] 170529 SuA Fancafe Update –  Knock knock knock, Mai Suas 

Hello~! It’s SuA! Hehe
A letter I’m writing in Japan!! I also have emotion of our last day!! You guys~ When it’s tomorrow, we’re going to Korea~ Our promotion in Japan ended today, but it was a very, very happy moment! My belly is reassured, my heart is reassured, and because of shopping, my carrier bag is reassured, hehe. Ah!! As soon as we go to Korea tomorrow we will get to see you! Honestly we’re catching a schedule~ As much as we miss you, you come to support us!!? Because I miss you, I’m uploading a photo, and if you feel we’re uploading a storm, you’re someone who knows my heart? Everyone worked hard today~ While hoping you dream a dream of SuA, SuA will go to bed first!! I’m waiting for you in our dreams. Hurry up and sleep!! Sleeping late is a no no no
Baby goodnight~!!! Goodnight!
(The photo is a photo I’ve really really really wanted to go to on my bucket list, take a picture at the Guriko signㅜㅜ Follow me here~ I like you a lot♡♡)

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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