[TRANS] 170529 Ji-U Fancafe Update – Kids, honeyㅠㅠ!!

You guys~?

What are you doing right now? Sleeping? No, are you thinking of me!? Ha..I miss everyoneㅠㅠ
No, why do I keep lingering….
Today is the last day of our Japanese promotions..
Our kids cheered a lot
We made a lot of memories and could finish safely. Thank you for that❤❤❤

And the hand of someone who thinks of me a lot~~~!!!!!??

Kkya, a lot like this!!! Heuheu
I also think of our kids a lot..Do you know my heart♡.♡

I have so much affection for you, don’t you know that? Today we worked hard. Dream a good dream, a pretty dream♡

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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