[TRANS] 170518 Yoohyeon Fancafe Update – The Results of Yoohyeon’s Experiment!~

Note: I’m experiencing a slight mental breakdown, this article can be very distracting

Hello~~~ It’s Yoohyeon! Was today’s V App broadcast fun!?
After really ambitiously imagining this and that, I chose 4 things like that, heum……..
I think it was a lot of fun!
The original candidates were…
1. How long can someone be annoyed!? With experiments
2. Try putting cola on mentos~!
Etc. etc….there was this and that, but it was a shame I couldn’t do everything..ㅠㅠ
But following the makeup broadcast, I feel like I wouldn’t do it again!! Haha!!!
It was a broadcast of great enlightenment.
Ah, and my broadcast was the last in our V App series…
I felt a great burden that I should end it well, but …did I…end it well…?
Please anticipate a lot in the future~! I hope we can do more ! It was fun, hehe
Did you guys have a lot of fun!? When I was doing it somehow I didn’t think of this kind of responsibility suddenly joochoom! But I did it, thanks to you very kind people ㅜㅜ ..I think it was fun !!! I love you. In conclusion, I love you!! LOVE YOU! I love you~!~!~! Me gustas tu~ seudoobdoobdoob!!
I will now pack up my luggage and go to Japan! Keke, you guys also have a fun challenge!! Live life! Goodnight!!

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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