[TRANS] 170516 Handong Fancafe Update – Dongdongdongdongdong hehehahhah

Wuah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Because of you guys ~I ate hot pot!!!!!!!! Now I’m totally satisfied ~~~~~ Before I started, I had a world of worry ~~ Keke My Korean is awkward, but we were able to communicate a lot because you posted a lot of comments, so thank you !! Next time will I be able to do better?! I really love you💕💕💕Ah, right! Tomorrow tomorrow. It’s a been a long time since having a fan meeting. Don’t rain, please


Today with the permission of everyone, I managed to eat the hotpot that i craved for a long time. What is unexpected is that many Chinese fans would send their greetings, I’m very touched~~ Sadly, im unable to read them all sorry laㅜㅜ Next time I must fully use Chinese to translate, so then I am able to freely have an intimate chat with you all 😜😁 hahahahahahahaha

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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