[TRANS] 170202 Handong Fancafe Update – Dondongrodongdong has come!!!

Kekekekeke Hello, it is Dong, who has received a lot of love from you, kekeke
After doing our solo broadcasts, it seems like I must get better at Korean. I prepared many things to say but I couldn’t do itㅠㅠ It was a shame. Many international fans left a lot of comments, so I was happy~~ Thank you!~~
Keke, Do you still remember the Chinese that I taught you? (however, I lack the qualifications to be a teacher)
Kekeke, next time I hope there will be a lot more time!!!!
Tomorrow we will be able to meet with you all again. I hope!! Every time I see you guys, I receive strength. I don’t talk as much as the other members (Kekeke, it’s because I’m embarrassed), even so, thank you for giving me so much love~~~ I will become a more developed Handong~~
See you tomorrow~~~I love you~~~

[in Pinying]: I want to write Chinese, but this computer doesn’t have the capability. I love you guys~~~

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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