[TRANS] 170202 Gahyeon Fancafe Update – Yehet

Hello~ Did everyone have a good new year weekend??? Rice cake soup! Dongtaejeon! Kkochijeon! Meat!!! Yeyeyeyeyeye~~~~~~~~~ It’s delicious…kekeke
I’ll stop the new year talk and now talk about us @.@
Today, to protect our promise to our followers, we did solo broadcasts. I thought the first ten minutes were really long
But looking back, it seems short….ㅜㅜ
My diet was a success, so I am going to film an eating broadcast like Ji-U unnie!!!!!! Kekekeke
I can really tie the plan together…Kekekeke
When will I show you???Kekekekeke
There are only 3 left, so let’s meet for longer and longer!!>3<
And finally!! Tomorrow we will be able to see each other. I really, really miss you!!
Because tomorrow is coming quickly, I want to meet all of you ㅜㅜ
Okay?? Do you guys want to meet us too???? Kekekekeke
Ah!!!! Do you guys know we’re having fansigns again on Friday and Sunday??
I hope I can meet you all on those days
But it’s okay for those who cannot travel to come
There are times and days for us!!!
I will go to meet all of you who give us love!!
They say tomorrow will be cold, so dress warmly!! Huh? If you catch a cold, it’s a big deal!!
When you get sick, Gahyeon is very sick ㅜㅠㅠKekekekekekeke
See you at tomorrow’s stage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♡

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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